Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 920

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"No innocent should be punished, and no one deserving should escape it," Ethan said coldly, eyes
boring into Yvonne's.

She was truly afraid now.

A fearful thought in the back of her mind warned her that the man might actually put her in mortal
danger if she didn't tread carefully.

Tears began falling from her eyes.

"Please forgive me.I was wrong for saying what I said.I swear I didn't mean it."


"Yes, yes, I swear! I didn't mean to put her in danger.Why would I even want to do that? I don't have
anything against her!"

Yvonne tried her best to sound convincing.

Sadly, Evan wasn't in the mood to be kind.

Plus, Yvonne wasn't even being honest right now, so there really was no need.

"Oh? What did I hear about you two feuding in Parrington, then? Are you really sure you didn't
purposely put her in danger?"

Yvonne instantly understood the extent of Evan's knowledge now.

If he really was there to avenge Jenny on her behalf, there was no way she'd leave without suffering
through something.

Her voice grew cold and to the point.

"What do you want then?"

"Not your death, I assure you." Evan clicked his tongue.

Several bodyguards instantly flooded the room, one with a blade in hand.

"I just think we could all do with a little less talking from your end." Yvonne started quivering again as
the guards went up to her.

"What -what are you doin—urgh!"

The men forced her jaw open, making her stay still on the hospital bed.

"Careful, don't kill her," Evan ordered before leaving the ward.

He wasn't in the mood for blood and gore at the moment.

At the door, he tossed out, "Leave her in the countryside once you're done. I don't care where. Just
make sure she doesn't show up in the city again."

Better to keep people like her out of Jenny's way.

There soon came a blood-curdling scream from the hospital ward.

Evan hummed a tune to himself, thinking there'd be one less chattering tongue in Bardoff City from now

After leaving the hospital, he called Jenny.

"Hey, Jen.You're on leave today, right?"

He wanted to make sure Jenny wasn't aware he'd come here today.

"I heard you moved into a new place.Why haven't I been invited yet~?" Evan teased, though his eyes
focused elsewhere, deep in thought.

"Alright. I'll be right there."

He hung up the call, then hopped onto his car, driving to Jenny's neighborhood.

Jenny sighed after the call ended. She didn't refuse to invite Evan over even if she'd rejected him
because it wouldn't make sense to cut him off to that extent. She then got up to clean her living room.

Then came another phone call, this time from Gilbert.

"I've emailed you everything I found on Janet Hale.Take a look and tell me what you think."

The moment Jenny heard how solemn Gilbert's tone was, she instantly knew just how serious things

"Alright." She instantly opened up her email to read the information sent to her.

The more she read through them, the more she realized just how complicated that woman was.

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