Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 928

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Are You Sure?

It was nearly noon when Jenny called Stephanie again.

This time someone answered, though, to her surprise, it wasn't Stephanie, but a stranger.

"Is this your phone? You can have it back for five hundy, or I'll toss it into the river."

A man's voice came from the other end of the call.

Jenny blinked in surprise but swiftly recovered.

"Did you find the phone somewhere?"

"What'd you think? You're not gonna say I stole it, are you? I'm telling you, I didn't steal it.I just found it
by the road."

The man sounded worried as if he really might get in trouble.

Now Jenny was worried.

How did Stephanie's phone end up by the roadside? "Do you want it back or not?"

"Yes.Send me a location.I'll come to meet you."

"Nope.Just send me the money, and I'll have it posted back to you by courier."

Jenny scoffed.

"What difference would that make? If I wanted to report you to the police, I could track you down just
from your bank account records."


"If you don't have what it takes, then just give up.Put the phone back where you found it, and I'll get it

Jenny hissed.

The man chewed on his lip, somewhat scared.It was his first time finding a lost phone, after all.

He also knew very well that blackmail wasn't lawful.

But this person wouldn't call the cops on him just for a few hundred bucks, right? He wasn't happy with
Jenny's attitude, though.

"Hey! Keep that up, and I'll toss it into the river right now!"

"Are you sure you're ready to deal with the consequences?"

"So, it's my fault I recovered a lost phone, then?" the man huffed.

Jenny scoffed again.

"If you meant well, you would've given it back to its owner without charge or handed it over to the
police.If you think that's not worth doing, then just leave the phone where you found it so the owner can
trace their steps to recover it."

A couple hundred dollars was nothing to Jenny, but she refused to let the man get his way.

If he hadn't picked the phone up, Stephanie still might've recovered it if she traced her steps back to
where she'd been.

No way would she tolerate a stranger who immediately demanded money as payment for recovering
the phone.

The man didn't feel like putting up with his act any longer.

"You can find it yourself then."

He then hung up and plopped the phone behind some random bushes.

Now he'd be out of trouble, right? Jenny then used her PC to track the phone's location.She'd already
installed software on Stephanie's phone just in case something happened to her, so she could easily
track the phone's location down.

On the drive to recover the phone, Jenny called Stephanie's father, who told her his daughter would
most likely be at work.

So, Jenny decided to go find her friend at the office.

She soon found Stephanie's phone and was about to head to her office when the phone suddenly rang.

It was a stranger's number, with nothing except an 'M’ on the caller ID. Jenny curiously answered the

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