Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 931

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Window of Opportunity

Stephanie gradually woke up, finding herself in an unfamiliar place.

Unbeknownst to her, she was being held hostage in a villa across the city.

It looked like she'd been abducted.

But why? Her family wasn't anyone special here in this city, nor were they rich.

Aman soon entered the room she was in, someone Stephanie had never seen in her life.

"Who are you? Why did you bring me here?"

"Don't worry, Miss Walker.My master only means to have you with us for a brief while as a guest.We
mean no harm," the old man explained.

No harm? Why the hell would Stephanie believe that?! She didn't argue with the man, however.He was
still maintaining a modicum of respect, so it was best to not piss him off right now.

"May I know why I'm being ‘invited' here as a ‘guest' then?"

The old man didn't seem to plan on answering.

"Make yourself at home.You will soon be able to leave."

He left atray of food and drink for Stephanie before leaving the room, but not before Stephanie noticed
the several men stationed outside the room she was in.

It was unlikely that she'd be able to escape on her own.

She went to peer out the window, noting a small garden outside and nothing else but acres of forest
beyond the space.

Clueless as to where she was, Stephanie decided she couldn't jus: sit and wait.

Yet what could she do? She went back to sit by the tray of food, deciding not to do anything
foolish.She'd wait for the golden window of opporturity to turn up first.

Jenny was surprised to find that the location given to her was an abandoned old villa.

Just as she was hesitating about whether to head inside, the front door opened, revea-ing ar.old man.

"Come in, Miss Walter."


That was why she thought that voice sounded so familiar.It was Mr.Zeke Faust's butler.She'd met him
over at Faust Manor before.

Suddenly, Jenny understood what had transpired and why.

It was all for Alec, it seemed.

If only she were their only victim, she'd turn and leave right away to not drag Alec down.

Yet now Stephanie was involved, so Jenny couldn't just leave.

As if aware of her thoughts, the butler remained calm and smiling by tre door, waiting for her to walk

"Where's Stephanie? Let me see her first." Jenny dernanded.

"Your friend is safe, Miss Walter."

"I don't buy it.I need to see her myself."

Only tien would she welk inside of her own volition.

The butler gave her an exasperated look before pulling out his phone, opening up a live feed.

"Here, look.Your friend really is in safe hands, Miss Walter."

Stephanie was in a newly furnished room in the video feed, unlike the current state of the mansion
Jenny was in.

This made her skin prickle.

"Stephanie's not here?"

The butler nodded, "She's being kept at a very safe place, Miss Walter."

Jenny scowled, irritated that they'd split them up.She stopped watching the feed, trusting that Zeke
Faust wouldn't cause harm to Stephanie.She was merely a pawn to threaten Jenny, after all.

Jenny walked into the villa, knowing she'd have to stand up to whatever was in her way now.

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