Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 935

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I'll Take Care of Them


Jenny gaped in shock upon seeing Evan appear, especially with this gang of men.

"Something is up," she thought.

There was even some foreign blood among those men.

The calmest person was Alec.He was the one who'd notified Evan of this series of events, and they'd
made their necessary preparations for whatever they would face.

Alec also had a feeling that Evan would still have figured it out on his own if he hadn't notified him, so
he might as well tell him to boost their chances of saving Jenny.

Evan shot Jenny a reassuring look.

"Don't worry.I'll make sure you're safe."

But that was the least of Jenny's concerns right now.

Why was Evan leading all these men? Hadn't he just been busy with his studies and work like he told
her? Sadly, now was not the time for those questions.

Zeke narrowed his eyes on Evan, realizing something.

"You were the one behind Xavier's death, weren't you?"

Evan neither confirmed nor denied it, which was enough assent in the old man's eyes.

Zeke's expression instantly turned steely, flitting between Evan and Alec as he hissed, "So this is your

No wonder he was unable to find any information on how those men were connected to Alec.

Turns out Alec had found an accomplice in someone Zeke would never have guessed.

"I don't care what grudge you have against Alec Faust, just let Jenny go, and you can have him to
yourself to do as you please,"

Evan grunted out.

One less rival, one less chance of losing Jenny.

"You really think you can get away with killing my son?"

How could Zeke ever forgive himself for not avenging his son's death? Evan scoffed nonchalantly.

"Do you really think you can take on all my men? Or are you ready to risk your own neck for this?"

The old man would be the first to die if conflict broke out.

Zeke merely gave his butler a glance before the man shot out a flare toward the sky.

It had already erupted into sparks before either Alec or Evan could do anything.

They shot one another a look.

This could only mean Zeke had reinforcements nearby, and they would soon flood the premises.

Sure enough, another group of men soon encircled Evan's, now forming a three-layer gunfight cake.

Luke strode over, gun propped up by his shoulder.

"You won't get out of here alive, Alec!" he sneered at the man.

"Take shelter in the mansion first, Grandad.I'll take care of them," he then said to Zeke, absolutely
bristling with excitement.

There was very little chance they'd lose.

He'd sent his bullets into Alec's skull if it was the last thing he did.

Zeke nodded, telling him to be careful before retreating into the building.

Neither Alec nor Evan stopped him, as they couldn't risk Jenny's life, as she had been dragged back
into the mansion.

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