Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 942

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"Do you have that much confidence in yourself?" Jenny asked.

Yes, they escaped unscathed, but who knows if luck would be on their side next time? Their food was
then served.

Alec immediately served Jenny some soup, replying, "Here.We'll talk while eating."

Jenny dug in hungrily, having not eaten anything because of what happened earlier.

"It's not just confidence, actually.If we've done sufficient preparations, all we need left is luck,"" Alec
reassured her.

"Like this time.As precarious as the situation was, all of us had prepared backups, which minimized the

Jenny had Paul contact the station while Alec had Vincent bring reinforcements; that was partially why
they made it out alive today.

"You say that, but it's not like things will go according to plan each time."

What if she hadn't told Paul to get the police? Or what if Zeke had decided to press the trigger on the
gun against her temple? Alec said gently, "Don't worry about it, Jenny.You won't be put in such danger
next time."

He wouldn't let Zeke have another chance to threaten them.

The Faust family would be in danger this time forth, so Alec would jump on this chance to take all of
them down.

Jenny pursed her lips but said nothing.

The Fausts had nothing to do with her after all.

Only Alec.

While eating, Paul suggested they hang out afterward, to which Jenny rejected the offer.

To her surprise, Alec was onboard.

"It'd help our digestion."

Alec didn't want to be apart from Jenny so soon.

Yes, they lived in the same building, but spending time together outside was different.

Paul shared the same view.

Though Stephanie didn't want to talk to him, he still felt better being able to be by her side.

Jenny and Stephanie shared a look, both sighing.

Finally, Jenny relented, "Alright.I did plan on hanging out with Stephanie today."

What a delayed girls' date, huh.

As if making up for his sins, Alec proceeded to buy loads of gifts and items for Jenny and Stephanie
while they walked into the mall.

"Thank you, but I can't accept these, Mr.Faust."

Stephanie felt guilty, knowing Alec was only doing it because he cared about Jenny.

But Alec disagreed.

"I'm responsible for what happened to you today.I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if you didn't accept

Stephanie wanted to argue further when Jenny tugged on her sleeve.

"Just take them.He is at fault, you know."

Jenny wholeheartedly agreed with Alec being responsible.She could let it go if only she was involved,
but dragging in a total outsider was just inappropriate.

"I can buy these for you if you don't want them from his pocket," Paul offered excitedly.

Stephanie instantly shook her head.

"I'll accept these then.Thank you for being so kind, Mr.Faust."

At least she wouldn't owe Alec anything by accepting these gifts.

As for Paul, well...

Paul stiffened, mood plummeting into the seven hells below.

He ended up silently—and disparagingly — trailing behind his friends, deciding it was better to stay

He had never imagined feeling so blue just because someone refused a gift from him.

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