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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 961

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Chapter 961 A Stalker

Stephanie didn’t give Leonard a direct answer, but he wasn’t discouraged.

“Then you’re in luck. You can see me often in the future.” The implicit meaning of his

words was obvious. It meant he would appear around Stephanie frequently in the

future, giving her plenty of opportunities to see him.

Stephanie didn’t reply, as she didn’t know how to respond, so she remained silent.

The four of them didn’t walk for long. After all, the weather was frigid that day. After

Stephanie and Leonard had finished chatting, Jenny suggested that they leave. Alec

sent Jenny home, and Leonard escorted Stephanie back.

On the way to Stephanie’s house, she and Leonard didn’t talk much. During a moment

of silence, Leonard noticed a car following them from behind. He had a worried

expression on his face immediately, thinking it was someone seeking revenge against

him. Making enemies was very common in his line of work.

He sent the license plate number to his colleague to investigate right away. Soon, he

received a text and saw the name “Paul Wagner.” Leonard glanced at Stephanie out

of the corner of his eye.

Stephanie seemed to sense something was going on and looked at him. “What’s


“Nothing,” Leonard put away his phone without saying much.

Before long, the car arrived at the Walker family’s residence. Leonard watched

Stephanie go in and didn’t hurry to leave. Instead, he waited downstairs for a long

time. After receiving a message from Stephanie confirming that she’d arrived home

safely, he turned around and made to leave. When he was about to get into his car, he

saw the car that had followed them parked across the street.

Leonard knew who Paul was, but it wasn’t because of Stephanie-Paul’s background

wasn’t exactly spotless. He’d been involved in a case Leonard had investigated

before, but there wasn’t any evidence against him. As a result, there wasn’t a need to

contact him or bring him in for questioning.

After meeting Stephanie a few days ago, Leonard learned a bit more about her and

came to know about what happened between her and Paul. Since then, he knew that

no matter how he felt toward Stephanie, he wouldn’t let her be with Paul because that

man wasn’t a good match for her, in Leonard’s opinion. Besides, he liked Stephanie.

Therefore, he would try his best to prevent them from getting back together.

As he was thinking about that, Paul seemed to have spotted him from across the

street and lowered his car window. The two men stared at each other across the

street silently.

After a while, Paul started the car and left, and Leonard left as well.

Alec and Jenny arrived at the residential area where they were staying. They walked

into the elevator from the underground parking lot.

“Do you think Stephanie likes Leonard?” Alec suddenly asked, looking at Jenny.

“Why are you interested in that?” Jenny felt curious about Alec’s question.

“I was just asking,” Alec replied a little shiftily, as he was actually asking for Paul’s


Jenny saw through Alec’s intentions but didn’t call him out on it. As she walked out of

the elevator, she said, “I think Steph has a good impression of him. At the very least,

she doesn’t dislike him.”

If Stephanie disliked Leonard, she wouldn’t have reacted the way she did. Jenny was

well aware of that.

“Well, that’s easy to tell.” Alec could see it, too, and didn’t find it unusual. After all,

Leonard was an upright inspector working in the police force. So, most people

wouldn’t dislike him, as he was an embodiment of order and justice.

“If you want to help Paul, tell him to pursue Stephanie straightforwardly and honestly.

Don’t use any underhanded means behind people’s backs. It’ll only make him look

bad,” Jenny said without beating around the bush.

Alec touched his nose a little awkwardly and said, “Hasn’t he been pursuing

Stephanie that way? He hasn’t done anything bad to her since he arrived in Bardoff


“Good. Ask him to keep it up,” Jenny said. She then smiled and opened the door to

her unit. After waving Alec goodbye and bidding him good night, she closed the door.

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