Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 982

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Listen to What You're Saying!

Soon, Alec had a plate of dipping sauce in front of him, but he smelled the strong acidic vinegar and
was momentarily at a loss for words.

"Is this the dipping sauce you brought me?"

"Don't you like vinegar, just like how you like sour grapes?" Jenny asked with an innocent look on her
face, seemingly puzzled about what the problem was.

Alec was speechless.

Of course, he was well aware that Jenny was implying his jealousy was unwarranted.He could only
force a smile and reply, "Yes, you're right.I do like sour stuff."

Max and Jade, sitting across from them, couldn't hear their conversation, but they could see the way
they spoke softly to each other, like they were in their own little world.

Their interactions went beyond that of a normal friendship.

"Have they gotten back together?" Max asked, looking at them quizzically.

They looked more like a couple than he and Jade did.

Jade chuckled and didn't know what to say.

"I don't think so."


Max snorted humorlessly, wondering how much longer they planned to keep up that "more than friends
but not quite lovers" act.

Soon, the fondue was served.

None of them were particularly fond of fruits, but they thought they should still eat some because only
eating bread and meat with cheese would be too heavy on their palates.

"Have some apples." Jenny proceeded to put some apple slices onto Alec's plate.

Alec looked at the apples on his plate and couldn't help but comment, "Are you trying to hint at

Jenny was speechless.She just thought that Alec should have some fruit since he didn't eat them much
on normal days.

What could she imply? Did he think she was implying that he was the apple of her eye?

"You decide whether you want to eat it or not.I don't care," she said, thinking it was his problem that he
was a picky eater if the food wasn't to his liking.

The corner of Alec's eyes scrunched up as he smiled; he was obviously teasing Jenny.

"Well, I can't refuse the food you've served me, can I?"

"Hmph! "

Jenny snorted coldly, looking vexed.

Max and Jade looked at them helplessly.

"Can you two be more considerate of our feelings?" Max asked.

Then, he couldn't help but add, "Which of us is the actual couple here?"

Jenny coughed dryly and moved toward the edge of her seat to put some distance between herself and

"You're just purposely proving a point and being in denial by doing that," Max pointed out.

Alec just smiled and didn't comment on it.

It was only a matter of time before he and Jenny became an actual couple.

The four of then shared laughs and good humor as they dined, but at the study on the second floor of
Gilbert's villa, the conversation between Gilbert and Zack wasn't going well.

Gilbert was solemn as he said, "Zack, I remember making myself very clear the last time.Why haven't
you broken up with that woman yet?"

Not only had he not broken up with her, but he'd also brought her over that day.

Gilbert wondered if his little brother had lost his mind.

"Gilbert, I've read through all the information you gave me.I know that Janet has made many mistakes
in the past, but she's changed now.She's no longer the person she was before," Zack explained.

When he first saw the information, he was angry and thought that Janet was promiscuous when it
came to relationships.

But later, he began to understand her bit by bit.

Being born into a poor family, Janet desperately wanted to escape and live a better life, and there was
nothing wrong with that.

Although the path she initially took was wrong, she didn't actually hurt anyone.

Zack believed that she should be forgiven.

So, he didn't even mention the matter of Janet's past to her, thinking that as long as Gilbert got to know
her better, he would see her good side and choose to overlook her past mistakes.

"Zack! Listen to what you're saying!"

At that moment, Gilbert felt that Zack could be the death of him.

"Come on.Janet is a good person.I'm sure she realized how wrong she'd been in the past.Let's give her
another chance," he pleaded.

It wasn't just for the sake of his happiness, but also for Janet's.

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