Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 984

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Worry for Zack’s Future

From the window of his study, Gilbert watched as Zack and Janet left.He then picked up his phone to
call Jenny.

‘Jenny, I won’t meddle in Zack's affairs anymore, and you’d better not either.Some people just don’t
learn their lessons until they pay a price for it."

Zack hadn’t encountered any major difficulties in life so far and had quite a smooth journey.

Although people like him were blessed and lived a happy life, they weren’t exposed to the dangers of
the world.

Gilbert thought it was time for him to suffer and learn from his mistakes.

Before Jenny could ask what was going on, Gilbert hung up the phone.

Taken aback by the situation, Jenny continued to stare at her phone in confusion.

"What's wrong?"

Alec was next to her and naturally heard Gilbert’s words.

Jenny shook her head and didn’t say anything to him.

Instead, she got up, walked out of the private room, and dialed Zack’s number.

"Zack, where are you?" Jenny asked.

"Hey, Jenny.Janet and I are looking for a place to eat.Have you eaten yet? Why don’t you join us?"

From the other end of the phone, Zack sounded cheerful and unaffected, as if nothing had happened.

Jenny couldn’t fathom what was going on.

"you should go ahead and eat, but can you meet me after? Alone.I’ll send you the address."

Jenny felt she should talk to Zack even though Gilbert told her not to interfere.

After all, he was her brother.

How could she sit by and do nothing about it? Zack glanced at Janet sitting beside him and thought of
Jenny’s request to meet him alone.He could already guess what was going on.

"Alright, I’ll meet up with you later after I finish eating."

Since he agreed to meet, Jenny didn’t say anything else.She ended their call and returned to the
private room.

They were almost done with their meal.

Max and Jade wanted to see a movie.

As Jenny had asked Zack to meet up with her, she decided not to join them and asked Alec to send her
home instead.

Alec didn’t question her choice and silently drove her home.

"Is it because of Zack and Janet’s situation?" Alec asked.

Jenny glanced at him with slightly widened eyes, seemingly surprised that he knew what was

"I heard you mention something about this before, so I could roughly guess what’s going on,"

Alec replied with a smile.He could tell that Jenny was worried for Zack since the woman he was seeing
might have approached him with impure intentions.

Jenny sighed, looking at the snowy landscape outside the window and feeling glum.

"I think he probably had a fight with Gilbert."

And she could tell it was quite a big one, or Gilbert wouldn’t be so angry.

"It’s normal.People in love won't listen.You better not cling to the idea of making him give up," Alec

" we really just let them be? If we don’t stop them now, what if they get more deeply involved in
the future?"

Jenny was puzzled.She didn't want to argue with Zack, but she thought some things still needed to be

Alec looked at her and shook his head helplessly.

"You can’t stop them from being in a relationship simply because you want to.Are you really so
confident that you can make Zack give up on this?"

Jenny shook her head—she wasn’t sure.

"If you advise him to give up now, he will go against your wishes instead," Alec said.

Jenny felt a headache coming and rubbed her temples.

"What should we do then? We can’t just do nothing about it, can we?"

"Why rush? They're just boyfriend and girlfriend now.It’s hard to say whether they can stay together.If
you want to stop them, at least wait until they intend to get married," Alec replied.

Jenny thought what he said made sense.

"I’m just afraid that Zack will get more and more invested in his relationship with her."

If that were the case, by the time Zack decided to settle down with Janet, Jenny wouldn’t be able to
stop them even if she wanted to.

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