Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 998

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Seems Like You Know More

"He's still in the ICU.You should eat something first.We'll go and visit him tomorrow," Alec said as he
looked at Jenny.

She hadn't fully recovered, but she wanted to visit Evan immediately.

Alec felt a little bothered about it.

However, he didn’t say anything.He knew how much Jenny valued favors.She, like him, disliked owing
anyone anything, especially when it involved matters of life and death.

Jenny shook her head and insisted, "I'll just take a look from outside.I can't rest easy if I don't see him
with my own eyes."


Alec knew he couldn't stop her.So, he didn't prevent her from going to see Evan.He thought it wouldn't
do her any harm if her mind could be at ease.

With that, he helped Jenny out of the ward and headed straight for the ICU where Evan was.

Because Jenny was a doctor at the hospital, she was allowed to go in and see Evan.

Even so, she didn't go in but just peered through the small window on the door.

"I-I don't know how to face him," Jenny choked out.

Evan hadn't woken up yet and didn't know that he would have to spend the rest of his life in a

Jenny couldn't imagine how devastated he would be when he found out.

Alec hugged her, feeling his heart ache for her.

"It's okay, Jenny.No one will blame you."

"I know he won't blame me."

But she blamed herself.She wondered why she hadn't been more careful and blamed herself for
getting kidnapped.

If it hadn't been for her, Evan wouldn't have had to suffer.She began to wonder if she was a jinx who
brought misfortune to the people around her.

Alec didn't know how to comfort Jenny.

He knew that nothing he said right now would make a difference.

Hence, he just held her tight, as if the tighter he held her, the less likely she would leave him.

When they returned to their ward, the food had arrived.

Alec opened it and handed it to Jenny.

"Eat something first.Don't forget that you're a patient too."

Jenny nodded, but her gaze was vacant as she ate.

Alec sighed and said, "Jenny, I know you're upset right now, but no matter what, you have to take care
of yourself.

You still have me, and seeing you in such a state pains me."

"I'm sorry.I just..."

She just needed time to come to terms with what happened.

"Did you catch those people? The ones behind all this?" Jenny asked.

The murderous intent in her eyes shocked Alec.

He'd never seen Jenny look so ferocious before.

Even if the other party had committed heinous crimes, she would only think of punishing them
according to the law and never take matters into her own hands.

But now, Alec had no doubt that if she found the mastermind, she would personally see to it that they
paid for their actions.

Alec shook his head as he replied, "No, those people were highly trained.Some escaped, and the ones
who couldn't do so have already committed suicide."


Jenny thought, shocked.

"Were they loyal henchmen trained to sacrifice themselves for a particular family?"

Jenny frowned, feeling that the situation was more complicated than she'd imagined.

"Yeah, probably." Alec nodded.

He had yet to find any leads.

Jenny put down her food, having lost her appetite completely.

"Do you know if the Fausts have such a group of trained henchmen?"

The kidnappers had implicitly claimed to be sent by Zeke, but Jenny found it a bit strange.

"There should be, though it's not just specific to the Fausts.Every family has them," Alec said.

"Really? The Walters don't have any."

Jenny, who had taken over the Walter family, had never heard of such henchmen.

Alec chuckled.

"Not necessarily.Maybe your father didn't pass them down to you."

"It seems like you know more about this than me," Jenny commented.

"It's nothing.I just happened to do some research before and found that every family has them, but
they're very secretive about it."Alec had nothing to hide from Jenny.

The Walters did have henchmen trained to do the family's bidding and sacrifice themselves if needed,
but for some reason, Graham didn't pass them down to Jenny.

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