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Chapter 1006

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Personally Keep an Eye on Things

Upon hearing that, Zeke's frown deepened immensely.

"He may not be able to resolve everything now, but you should take into account the fact that I'm not
dead yet!"

"How can he be so sure that Yakov won't be able to sort out our family's mess with me watching over
him? What arrogance! "' Zeke fumed inwardly.

"Since you don't believe me, let's wait and see."

Alec stood up.He didn't intend to do anything to Zeke right then; he just wanted to vent.

As he reached the door, Alec stopped in his tracks and turned back "You're old now.

There are many things that you can't do anymore.

Zeke's face turned ashen instantly, and he stared coldly in the direction Alec left.

Alec quickly disappeared from Faust Manor.He seemed to have come over just to say those words on
purpose, and Zeke was baffled about his intentions.

"Go find out what happened."

Zeke had experienced many things and lived for many years.He was aware that Alec's behavior was

The butler nodded worriedly.

"Sir, indeed facing some difficulties."

Yakov was struggling to handle the people within Faust Group.

As he had his plate full dealing with internal matters, he hadn't even gotten around to taking care of
external affairs yet.

"How worthless! If I'd known this would happen earlier, I would have handed over Faust Group to

Previously, Zeke thought Xavier was too ruthless, and he was concerned that Xavier wouldn't leave a
way out for the other members of the Faust family if he took over.

Now, he realized that the head of the Fausts should be ruthless and relentless.

Allowing others a way out would just spell disaster for the person in power later on.

It was a pity he didn't think of it earlier.

"Tomorrow, I will personally go to Faust Group to keep an eye on things.I want to see who dares to act
recklessly under my nose!"

If he taught Yakov everything, he should be able to learn it all and stand on his own.

Alec, who had already left Faust Manor, was unaware of all this.

But even if he knew, he wouldn't care.

The Fausts were walking on a tightrope.

If they weren't careful, they would fall off unceremoniously.

He wasn't in a hurry.

After all, there were plenty of families who wanted to bring down the Fausts.

Even if he did nothing, others would still take action.

Being lost in thought, Alec wandered automatically to the entrance of the residential area where he was

It was a familiar place, but there were no longer any familiar people there.

The reason why he came to live there was that Jenny lived there too.

But now that she was caring for Evan in the hospital, she probably wouldn't be back tonight.

To be more accurate, she might not come back again in the future.

He didn't want things to develop this way, but it was the most likely thing to happen judging from the
current circumstances.

Before he drove into the residential building, he saw someone waving at him.

He lowered his car window and found that it was Blake.

Alec found it surprising that she would appear before him again.

Seeing that he'd come to a halt in his car, Blake walked over and said, "Alec, get down.We need to

"I don't think there's anything to talk about between us.If my memory serves me right, the Watkins
family planned to stab me in the back.You could have been a part of that plan."

When Xavier was killed, two people were caught, and Zeke asked him to interrogate them.

However, those two suddenly claimed that he was the mastermind.

After an investigation, it was found that the Watkins family had bribed those two men.

Hence, Alec deduced that it was likely related to Blake.

"Since we broke up, I have almost no say in the Watkins family.I don't know anything about what you've
just mentioned."

Blake denied it, knowing that Alec wouldn't be able to find any other evidence besides being aware that
it was the Watkins' doing.

Alec shrugged and didn't care.

"I could care less whether you intervened or not.After all, you still helped them in the end."

Whether Zeke believed it or not, it was eventually found that the Watkins family was responsible, and
they bore the blame.

Blake laughed dryly in an awkward manner.

"Can I come up and sit with you for a while? I haven't been to your place yet."

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