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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 980

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Chapter 980 He Deserved It

In the small cabin, Jenny and Alec watched the scene outside unfold but couldn’t hear

what Max and Jade said to each other. However, they both had their own thoughts

upon witnessing the moment from afar.

Alec was contemplating whether he should also arrange a grand confession

ceremony like Max, but he was afraid that his relationship with Jenny hadn’t reached

that point yet. What if Jenny rejected him?

He wasn’t afraid of the embarrassment he would inevitably suffer if that were to

happen. His biggest fear was that Jenny might keep her distance from him after she

rejected him, and the progress they’d made thus far would come to a halt. That would

have distressed him.

On the other hand, Jenny was deeply moved by the scene. She felt that Jade was

worthy of the effort that Max had put in. Although Jade wasn’t her sister by blood, she

was as good as one. Jenny had always been concerned about Jade’s lifelong

happiness. If she got together with Max, she could finally have her happy ending.

Of course, the idea was that Max wouldn’t behave as recklessly as he did in

Parrington. Jenny would not let him off the hook if he went back to his old habits!

Jenny hadn’t thought about herself at that moment.

Although such a grand confession was very moving, she didn’t want it for herself. She

preferred a simple and ordinary relationship. She deemed these grandiose gestures

unnecessary. What mattered the most was the commitment of both parties to the


After Max and Jade exchanged a few more words, he finally put the necklace on

Jade’s neck.

He had succeeded!

Even though they were far away, Jenny could feel the joy radiating from Max.

Soon, the two of them entered the cabin, with Max smiling brightly and Jade looking a

little shy. Jenny pulled her aside to give her some time to calm down.

“Jenny, why didn’t you tell me earlier…” Jade whispered a complaint.

Jenny looked at her embarrassed expression and asked, “If I’d told you that Max was

going to confess to you here, would you still have come?”

Jenny raised a very valid question. Although Jade had some feelings for Max, if she’d

known earlier that this would happen, she probably wouldn’t have had the courage to

come. Precisely because Jenny knew Jade would react in such a way, she didn’t

reveal anything to her. Now, it seemed she had made the right decision.

“Jade, did you say yes to him?” Jenny could see the necklace nestled on Jade’s neck,

but she still wanted to confirm it.

Jade nodded, her cheeks blushing slightly. “Yes, I agreed.” “That’s great, Jade. You’ll

be happy in the future and even happier as time goes by.”

The past was in the past, and she would create a new chapter in life together with


Jade nodded, her eyes showing some anticipation for the future. She could really start

a new life with someone who loved and cherished her.

She turned to look at Jenny gratefully. “Jenny, thank you.”

“Why are you thanking me?” Jenny was puzzled.

“If it weren’t for you dealing with Hayden, I would have taken a long time to get over


Jade knew that Hayden had been imprisoned and his company had been acquired by

Jenny and merged into Jeneration Group. Jade was able to let go of all the hurt he’d

caused her sooner because he got the ultimate retribution he deserved.

As the saying goes, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” Once revenge was

served on the one who caused all the misery, the scores were settled, and life would

move on.

Jenny chuckled at her words. “What can I say? He deserved it.”

“You’re right. He deserved every bit of it,” Jade agreed. Her gaze drifted over to Max,

who was standing behind them with Alec, and she had a soft look in her eyes.

She turned back and asked Jenny, “What about you? When do you plan to start


“Me?” Jenny didn’t expect Jade to ask about her suddenly. She pursed her lips and

said contemplatively, “Maybe soon, or maybe…it’ll remain like this.”

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