Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1012

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I Won't Let You Succeed

He said it sincerely.

Jenny's eyes reddened as she listened.

But Alec wanted to laugh.

Evan's words sounded sweet, but he wouldn't have said things like that if he didn't want her to stay with

He was saying it only because he was sure that she would agree.

"You don't have to say anymore, Evan.I'm taking care of you voluntarily," Jenny replied.

She wasn't cold and ruthless.

Evan had sacrificed his life for her.

Couldn't she take care of him? Alec said that Evan was being selfish.

Jenny felt that if she were to decline Evan, she'd be the selfish one.

Jenny's response was just as Alec expected.

He glared at Evan coldly.

Why hadn't he realized how sly this person was before? Alec said nothing.He knew that he couldn't
change anything.

"Come eat breakfast, Jenny," Alec said.

He ignored Evan altogether.

Jenny murmured in response and looked at Evan.

"Have you eaten, Evan?"

"Yes, I have.You can go eat."

Evan smiled at her.

He didn't care if he suffered for a bit, as long as things escalated to the same outcome.He didn't care
about one-upping Alec.He was just a loser.

So what if he felt upset on the inside? Just like that, Alec and Jenny ate breakfast together while Evan
and his assistant waited for them.

It was weird, but no one dared to break the silence.

Not long after, breakfast was over, much to Alec's unwillingness.

Jenny had to leave with Evan.

Before they left, Alec leaned in toward Evan and said in a soft voice, "Don't think that I don't know what
you're playing at.I won't let you succeed."

"I don't know what you're saying, Mr.Faust."

Evan acted dumb, merely letting Howard follow him and Jenny.

Who would care about Alec? The elevator doors slid shut, and the two disappeared from Alec's sight.

Alec felt like he had swallowed a ball of pain that had no way of being released.He kicked the wall hard,
but that achieved nothing except the pain in his foot.He took his phone out and dialed Vincent's

"Is that doctor here? Tell him to hurry up. I want to see him today."

Alec thought Evan was fine.He seriously doubted if Evan really needed to spend the rest of his life in a

"By the way, find out where Evan's villa is.I'm going to move in next door!"

He wanted to keep on observing Evan.He would not let him win.

Downstairs, Evan knew nothing of what Alec was doing.

The car had already begun to move, heading toward the villa.

"By the way, Evan, this means you won't have to go to the company, will you?" Jenny asked.

Although she didn't involve herself in Walter Inc's matters, she was still the president.She could cover
him somewhat.

Evan shook his head and said, "It's okay.I still have to work.I'll feel better if I do.Don't worry, Jenny.Just
because you're coming to take care of me doesn't mean I'll need your supervision every waking
hour.You can still go to work like before.It's just that if I see you every day, I'll feel much better, and the
pain won't feel as bad anymore."

He said it all very sincerely.

Jenny couldn't bear it.

"But it'll be tiring if you go to work every day."

"It's okay.I'm fine with being physically exhausted, not mentally."

Evan smiled.

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