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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 977

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Chapter 977 Take Your Word for It

When Jenny and Alec arrived at Bardoff Central Park, it was quiet and deserted. The

ground was still covered with untouched snow.

Walking further inside, they found a group of people busy setting up the area. Jenny

saw people holding flowers and balloons. They looked busy preparing the


“Hey, you’re here.” Max appeared behind them with a faint smile on his lips. Jenny

turned around and immediately noticed that Max was wearing a black suit with a tie,

which was quite rare for him. He looked much more energetic than usual.

“Are you really ready? What if Jade rejects you?” Jenny was worried, as Jade had

refused Max several times before, and she couldn’t tell if Jade was interested in him

at all.

Max’s expression became serious as he said, “No matter what, I have to give it a try.

Don’t you think? I’ll let her make her choice on the first snowfall of this winter season.”

Max looked at the stage being built nearby, his expression expectant.

Jenny didn’t comment further. She was quite surprised when she learned Max had

decided to confess his feelings to Jade today. When she read Max’s message to Alec,

she was stunned for a long time. She hoped that Jade would accept him, as the past

was in the past, and not everyone was a scoundrel like Hayden. At least Max seemed

trustworthy now.

Of course, Jenny had her own concerns. She looked at Max again sternly and said,

“Are you really serious about this? You should know what happened to Jade before. If

she agrees to be with you, it means she’s willing to trust people again, but…”

If Max disappointed her again this time, Jade would probably never trust men again

for the rest of her life.

“Don’t worry. Even though I may seem unreliable, this decision comes from my heart. I

know what I want.” Although he used to be a playboy, it was only a disguise. In fact,

he’d never felt anything for anyone until he met Jade. Even when he said he wanted

to pursue Jenny, it was just to challenge and go against Alec. In reality, Jenny wasn’t

his type.

Hearing him say that, Jenny felt a little relieved. “I’ll give you one chance, but if you

ever do anything to hurt her, I won’t spare you,” she warned. Even if Jade forgave

him, Jenny would definitely make sure Max paid dearly for breaking her heart.

“No need to worry. That day will never come.” How could Max ever do something that

would hurt Jade after all he’d done to win her heart?

Max changed the topic unexpectedly as he laughed and asked, “Based on what you

just said, you think there’s a high possibility she’ll say yes to me, right?”

Jenny pondered what he said for a moment and couldn’t come to a definite answer.

“Maybe. I haven’t been in contact with Jade recently, so I don’t know what she’s


But Max had saved Jade before, so they should have made some progress in their

relationship. Jenny felt quite optimistic about his chances.

“Then I’ll take your word for it.” Max smiled, no longer as frivolous as before. “There’s

a cabin over there. I’ve prepared some food. It’s cold outside, so go in there first.” Max

pointed to a cabin not far away.

Jenny nodded. It was indeed freezing outside, and she and Alec couldn’t do much to

help anyway.

“Okay.” Alec and Jenny made their way toward the cabin.

They’d barely reached the door when they heard Max shout behind them, “Oh, right.

Can you help me call Jade in half an hour and ask her to come over, Jenny?” “Sure,”

Jenny agreed.

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