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Chapter 1018

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The Bias Runs Deep

Once the formalities were over, Jenny looked at Evan excitedly.

"With Dr.Gaarder's help, Evan, you'll definitely recover."

However, Evan didn't reply.He had not expected Alec to put in so much effort in finding treatment for

Of course, Evan didn't think Alec was doing this for his own good.

He just wanted to steal Jenny away from him.

His face darkened, and he said calmly, "There's no need.I believe in the doctors at Bardoff
Hospital.They will find a way to treat me.I don't trust anyone that Alec brings me."

"Don't be too cocky, Evan!" Alec roared.

Jenny rushed over to advise him as well.

"Evan, Dr.Gaarder is a specialist in this field.Just let him examine you."

"There's no need," Evan insisted.

He looked at Dr.Gaarder.

"Thank you for coming here personally.However, I don't quite need you at the moment."

Dr.Gaarder had never encountered something like this before.

However, he was not angry.

He'd seen many things in his old age, and he could tell what was happening between the three of them
with just a glance.He said nothing, merely looking at Alec next to him.He was the one who brought him
there, after all.

Alec looked displeased.

He roared, "Is it because you don't dare to be examined, Evan?"

"Why wouldn't I know what you're doing, Alec?"

Evan met his gaze with no remorse at all.

Alec was incensed.

"What would I be doing? What could I be doing? "First, you moved next door.And now you're
pretending to care about me by hiring a doctor.Who knows if you're trying to kill me? " Evan said coldly.

He did not conceal his animosity at all.

"Don't be so petty, Evan!"

Alec was so angry he could punch him.

But Jenny was there.

Evan glanced at him and then beckoned for Howard to push him into his room.

"You know if I'm being petty or not.I just don't think that you want me to recover.Hence, I will not receive
any treatments from the doctors you bring."

These words would cut off any chances of Alec bringing him any other doctors.

Alec was about to lose control of himself.

Jenny held him back, shaking his head.

"Take Dr.Gaarder back.I'll talk some sense into Evan."

"Hmph! The question you should be asking, Jenny, is whether or not he's really hurt!"

Alec seriously doubted the authenticity of Evan's injuries.

Who wouldn't want to be cured immediately and be freed of a lifetime spent in a wheelchair? "Don't you
dare say that, Alec!"

Jenny glared at him.

"Who would lie about a thing like this? Your words are making me angry."

It was then that Alec came back to his senses.

"I'm sorry.I wasn't slandering him on purpose.I just don't think that his refusal is normal.Even if he
doesn't like me and distrusts anyone I bring, he should at least trust you.You know Dr.Gaarder.Could I
bribe him?"

A bigshot like Dr.Gaarder could be paid to treat someone.

But he could never, ever be paid to hurt someone.

"I know.His bias toward you runs deep.I'll talk some sense into him."

Jenny would not pass up this opportunity.She had to let Dr.Gaarder examine him.

What if there was a way to cure him? Alec brought Dr.Gaarder away.

"I'll leave now.Let me know if he agrees, and I'll bring Dr.Gaarder over."

"Okay." Jenny nodded.

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