Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1032

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Beating Bushes

"I'll come with you."

Evan didn't want Jenny going alone, mainly because the old man was Alec's grandfather, and the last
thing he wanted was for Jenny to have further contact with Alec.He knew he couldn't stop her from
going, after all.

"No need.It's right next door.I'll go on my own.You stay and rest."

Jenny shook her head.It's not like Evan knew Old Mr.Faust.

Things would be weird if they met just like that.

Evan sighed.

"Alright.I'll be here."

Jenny wanted to say "Don't wait up for me," but Evan had a familiar determination on his face that
meant she wouldn't succeed in convincing him, so she didn't bother.

She happily went next door while Evan gazed unhappily at his neighboring house.

Meanwhile, the butler was already waiting outside for Alec when he arrived at the mansion.

"Mr.Alec." Alec smirked.

The people in this family really were keen and intelligent beyond the ordinary.

Even their staff knew when to be courteous. He probably knew better than to piss off the future family

Zeke and the whole lot were there, including Yakov's son Julian and daughter Isabelle.

Their expressions grew conflicted upon seeing Alec.

"I see you came alone.Aren't you concerned you won't walk out of here alive?" Zeke questioned.

Alec really was brave, though he'd never admit it aloud.

Alec scoffed and went to sit in an armchair.

"Would you play any tricks now at this point in time?"

Zeke shot him a look, then shook his head.


"Then what do I have to be scared of?" Alec shrugged.

If Zeke had wanted to kill him, he wouldn't have done it inside his house.

In fact, he'd have Alec dead and bloody by the doorstep.

Zeke sighed.

No wonder neither his sons nor grandsons could defeat Alec.

The kid was too intelligent.

After a moment's silence, Zeke asked,"

Do you know why I called you here today?"


Playing the fool always brought amusing results.

"I trust you're aware of how the family is faring on the market right now."

Alec smiled, sipping from the glass of water set before him.

"I've read some news, yes." Zeke started laughing.

There was no way Alec would be oblivious to their demise—the kid orchestrated it, after all.

Still, other families were tossing their rocks at their nests as well.

"Do you have an idea for how to save the family?" Zeke asked.

Alec put on a shocked expression.

"What do you mean? Do you intend to leave the family to me?"

"Let's not beat around the bush, hm? You know why you're here today. Isn't that what you've always

Zeke's heart clenched painfully as he said so.

If he could save their family, he'd never pass it on to an outsider.

But now, not even Zeke himself could save them, not to mention Yakov.

If the Faust family collapsed now, they would never have a chance to rise in Bardoff ever again.

That was why Zeke could only resort to Alec for help.

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