Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1043

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Calm Down

When Zack saw Jenny coming his way, hugging a giant snowball in her arms, he felt true fear.

"Calm down, Jenny.We can talk about this!" He yelped, stepping back.

Janet giggled off to his side as the scene unfolded.

"I am very, very calm right now, Zack," Jenny said, grinning like the Devil herself.

Zack regretted throwing the snowball at her.

When Jenny stopped in front of her brother, she handed him the snowball.

"Do you wanna do it yourself or have me do it for you?"

"I'll do it myself," Zack grumbled, taking the snowball.

He'd at least survive without a neck injury with this choice.He raised the giant snowball above his head,
then threw it downwards.

Snow covered his face and shoulders as the ball disintegrated.

Jenny laughed out loud at the silly sight.

Just then, another snowball hit her back.It was a gentle toss, but Jenny still searched for the culprit.

Janet was eyeing her carefully, another snowball in hand.

"Zack isn't alone in this anymore, Jenny."

"So this is how it's gonna be, huh? Wait till I snowball all of you!"

Jenny cried and went to gather more snowballs to toss at Janet.

Zack hurriedly went up to his girlfriend, and just like that, a snowball fight began to brew.

Alec soon joined in—no way would he let Jenny fight alone.

Meanwhile, Gilbert and Evan stood by the side, watching them have fun.

"Aren't you joining?" Evan asked.

"Nah. I'm not a kid anymore."

Gilbert shook his head.

Evan disagreed.

You didn't have to be a kid to want to have fun. Like right now.

If he could join in the snowball fight, he would've already.

"Boss, can I go too?" Howard asked, jumping on his heels.

Evan smiled.

"Yes, yes, go on."

"Thanks, boss!"

Howard beamed, then ran over to join in the snowball fight.

Gilbert snorted, amused.

"Interesting kid you have there."

"Everyone has an inner child."

Evan understood that all too well; he just found it embarrassing.

As if the snowball fight had triggered some delayed fight response in the entire neighborhood, the
neighboring children and adults soon came outside to participate in their own snowball fights, creating
a large snowy battle arena in the middle of the small town.

A distance away were two security guards, watching the scene unfold.

They shared a look.

"Is I hallucinating?"

People from the first-class neighborhood were either wealthy or influential or both, most never showing
a hint of emotion in public, hence why the guards were questioning their reality right now with the
snowball fight.

"Maybe...maybe they're just taking the chance to have some fun and relax a little," the other guard

The snowball fight went on for two long hours.

Afterward, the group went straight to Alec's place.

The warm air inside the house was soothing to those bitten by the cold.

Smiles were still bright on their faces, indicating the contagious joy they'd felt from letting their inner
children out to play.

Paul came by just then, too, with Melanie Yews in tow.It didn't seem like Paul was with her, however.

"You don't mind if I tag along, do you, Jenny?" Melanie asked Jenny in a hopeful manner.

She had been persistent in coming along with Paul because of wanting to wish him Happy New Year
on the dot.

Jenny was surprised to see her, though she quickly got the gist of why she was there.

"I don't mind.But you do have to ask what Alec thinks.This is his house, after all."

Melanie then turned to Alec, still hopeful.

Alec smiled and nodded.


A bright smile instantly bloomed on Melanie's face.

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