Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1046

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Everyone Knows

When Stephanie arrived, the sight of the house so packed with people took her by surprise.


Jenny squinted at Leonard, who was standing behind Stephanie.

Stephanie didn't bring him here to get back at Paul, did she? As if anticipating Jenny's thoughts,
Stephanie shook her head.

"He came to find me right before I left, so I figured I might as well bring him along.You don't mind, do

"Is that so?" Jenny asked, not buying her words whatsoever.

Stephanie rolled her eyes.

"What do I get from lying to you, huh?"

Jenny huffed but let the two inside the house.

Melanie, Jade, and Janet were already getting along in the living room while the rest of the men were
huddled around playing cards.

The atmosphere was delightfully cheery.


Melanie waved happily when she spotted Stephanie, gesturing for her to head over.That call instantly
invited Paul's attention, who then noticed Leonard by Stephanie's side.His expression turned stormy in

a split second.

Stephanie was about to ask if Leonard wanted to go with her when the man said, "Go ahead.I'll go join
the cards table."

That was exactly what Stephanie was worried about because Paul was right among the group of men
in the corner, eyeing both of them.

"Don't worry about me," Leonard assured her, even patting her gently on the head in an intimate

Stephanie blushed, then hurried over to Melanie.

Seeing that, Jenny grew amused.

She said to Leonard, "Go on.Holler if you need help."

"Do you underestimate me, Miss Walter?" Leonard smiled.

It wouldn't come to that extent, would it? Jenny grinned.

"You can't promise anything on New Year's Eve."

"Don't worry.I won't hurt anyone even if they throw the first punch."

He was a police officer.

Getting involved in fights was not part of his discipline.

Provided they didn't cross any lines, of course.

Jenny nodded and watched as Leonard went over to the cards table.

The moment he sat down, Max turned to gaze curiously at him.

"Have we met, stranger?"

"It's possible.I've arrested a few Pearsons before."

Leonard grinned.It made Max snicker fondly.

So this was the city's new Deputy Commissioner.

Max's men had gotten into trouble because of him before.

Alfred reached out a hand to Leonard.

"Nice to meet you in person, Deputy Sullivan."


Leonard nodded, returning the handshake.

"Ah, don't need to be so formal.Just call me Alfred."

Alfred shrugged, wanting to build a connection with Leonard as well.

"Then you should drop the Deputy too.Just Leonard is fine."

Just then, Paul scoffed.

"Trying to climb your way up, Deputy?"

Everyone turned to look at him, most knowing why he was so pissy already.

It came as no surprise, of course, as Stephanie had come there with Leonard.

"You have a wild imagination, Mr.Wagner.

There is no difference in ups or downs hereā€”just ensuring everyone gets what they want in the end,"

Leonard casually responded, having already known the man and what went on between Stephanie and

There was no way he'd let her get back with Paul now.

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