Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1050

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I Don't Want to Lose You

If Paul really did do something illegal, no way would Leonard hold back.

This dinner wasn't sufficient for them to make peace yet.

Knowing that, Paul shot the man a final glare before leaving the table.

It looked like someone lost their appetite.

No one else said anything as he left, all knowing the feud between him and Leonard.

Alec was about to leave the table and check on his friend before Jenny pulled him back down to sit.

"He's taken care of for now."

Sure enough, Melanie rose from her seat and went after Paul.

Clearly, Paul had his share of those who cared for him now.

Dinner then went on, Paul's absence not seeming to affect it.

An hour later, when dinner was over, everyone helped clean up, though no one left afterward.

Alec had arranged for an outdoor barbecue session, and since it was New Year's Eve, it didn't make
sense to leave before the clock struck midnight now that they were all there.

In the study, Alec was staring fixedly at Paul.

"You want to do what to Leonard?"

"He deserves to die!"

Paul hissed, not bothering to hide his intention in front of Alec.

Alec rubbed his aching temples.

This was not good.

"You know who he is.

Are you sure you want to sacrifice the rest of your life just to get back at him? In jail, too?"

Paul snorted, "You know what the rest of the police force in Bardoff City is like.As long as he's the only
one dead, no one else would bat an eye."

To Paul, money could solve everything.

"You can't do this.He's important for my endeavors, you know this, Paul."

Leonard was the only person Alec could rely on when it came to official business.

Things would only go south if Paul insisted on killing him off when they hadn't produced any results yet.

Paul shot him a look.

"There are better candidates than Leonard Sullivan. novelebook You can't control him, nor can you
bribe him.It'll only get you in trouble."


"I know why you're saying this.

Jenny thinks he's compatible with Stephanie, so you're going to support her till the end, aren't you?"

Paul wasn't an idiot.

Alec didn't refute, so Paul continued, "I'm not asking you to help me do this, Alec.You just need to stand
back and not interfere.I don't want to lose you as a friend."

Alec's temples were throbbing now.

"You want to kill Leonard so Stephanie will be with you again, but did you ever consider if that'll actually
happen if you do this?"

At that point, it'd be the death of a human life that connects them.

Paul stayed silent, clearly considering it.

"I'm just saying maybe it's time to let go of Stephanie.You have Melanie, and she's a good choice.She

Paul glared at him instantly, making Alec stop what he was saying.

"Look, if you really don't want anyone but Stephanie, then you shouldn't even be considering killing
Leonard.Stephanie would only permanently end things with you."

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