Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1053

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Let Him Be Damned

After the New Year celebration, Jenny spent most of her time caring for Evan in his villa.

Occasionally, Alec would invite them over for dinner.

Life was overall good.

After the holidays, everyone went back to work Alec's appointment as the CEO of the Faust Group was
explosive news, but at least it put an end to the fight over the position.

The stock price soared, proving that everyone had confidence in him.

Meanwhile, Alec wasn't too bothered by the harassment from the other families.

To him, those were mere inconveniences that needed some time to be settled.

After he took over the Faust Group, the Watkins didn't make any move on him.

After all, Blake needed to work hand-in-hand with Alec, and it wouldn't make sense to go against him.

In the afternoon, Alec was busy at work when he received a call from Blake, who requested to meet up.

"If you have anything to say, just tell me over the phone.I'm busy."

He was reluctant to be in contact with her.

He really was busy and didn't want to cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

"I thought you wanted to catch that man? I'll hand him over to you."

She had interrogated the man in her hands, but he was tight - lipped and didn't reveal any information.

In that case, she'd rather hand him over to Alec as a favor.He furrowed his brow and considered her

Then, he agreed, "Where are you? novelebook I'll come over."

"At the villa.You know where it is."

When Alec lost his memories, he woke up in that villa of hers.

Hence, he should know the address.

He hung up and left for Blake's villa from the Faust Group office in a hurry.

After the New Year, he planned to have Dr.Gaarder tend to Evan's injuries because he'd never allow
Jenny to stay by Evan's side forever.

It didn't take long before he arrived at the villa.

He entered the place and saw that Blake had brought the man to the living room— he was covered in

Alec stared at him for a while as the frown on his face deepened.

"Have you interrogated him?"

"Yeah.But he's tight-lipped.He refused to say a word."

She shrugged, indicating that she had tried her best.

Alec wasn't surprised by the outcome, knowing that a man like the one Blake captured was ready to die
at any time, and asking for clues would be tougher than landing on the moon.

Alec wasn't too concerned with the failed interrogation because he was sure the investigation would
bear fruit over time.

He waved toward his back, and the men who came with him brought the captive away.

"I'll bring him with me."

"Sure.But don't forget about what you promised me,"

Blake reminded him—she wasn't doing him a favor for nothing.

"I always keep my promise.If you want to take over the Watkins family, you have to be familiar with
what is going on.You need to at least give me a loophole to work on," he suggested.

Blake understood his words and felt assured when she realized that he wouldn't walk back on his

"Sure.I'll find that loophole for you."

Without saying more, he left her villa.

On his way home, he recalled the face of the man who Blake captured, and his expression fell.

The man had typical foreign features and was clearly not a Clusian.

Could the mastermind be a foreigner?

"No, that doesn't sound right. The mastermind could be a local with foreigners working for them," he

Almost instantly, Evan Clarke's face appeared in his mind.

The only person with a huge army of foreign subordinates would be Evan.

Alec recalled the scene where Evan refused to let Dr.Gaarder check the injuries and felt that he had
arrived at the truth.

If his guess was correct, let Evan be damned!

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