Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1060

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Can't Stand Another Day in the Hospital

After Jenny left, Alec stared at the shut door with a bitter smile on his face.

"Don't think too much? How is that possible?" he wondered.

Without Jenny around, he could not stand even a minute in the ward.

Almost immediately, he called Vincent to help him with the hospital discharge procedure.

Jenny was, of course, in the dark about his action.

If she learned about it, she would definitely give him an earful.He was indeed a troublesome guy.

When she showed up at Evan's villa, she found Howard waiting anxiously at the door.

He hurried up to her, which made her nervous.

"What's wrong? He looked fine yesterday."

"I have no idea.He woke up to a migraine this morning, but he kept it from you so you wouldn't
worry.His condition has worsened, but he doesn't want to go to the hospital.I had no choice but to call
you home."

Howard's acting skill was excellent, for Jenny didn't detect anything amiss.

Without further questions, she went up to Evan's room on the second floor.

Howard stayed on the first floor, hoping fervently that Evan's trick would work Evan was lying in bed
with a pale face.novelebook He did resemble a sickly man.

"Evan," she called before walking up to him.

"Are you okay? Where does it hurt?"

He put on a surprised look.

"Why are you home?"

"Do you have a migraine?" she asked.

He came to a realization and started complaining, "Howard called you, didn't he? I told him I was fine,
but he liked to kick up a fuss."

"Evan, don't blame him.He's just worried about you," she said.

"I'll get you to the hospital."

"No, it's fine.I just need some rest," he refused to go to the hospital even though he knew the visit
would go smoothly because of his contacts there.

Still, he wanted to be cautious because Alec was at the hospital too.

No one could tell if Alec would suddenly wreak havoc.

"Evan..."' She was displeased when he refused to listen.

"Your health is important."

"I'm really fine.Don't listen to Howard's exaggeration!" he insisted.

"I bet I caught a cold because it's been chilly in the past few days.I'll sleep it off."

Since he refused to go to the hospital, she could not do much.

"I'll make some soup for you. novelebook You can sleep after having the soup."

"Let Howard do it. I don't want to trouble you."

He didn't want to burden her, but she was persistent.

After telling him to rest, she made her way to the kitchen and started preparing the soup.

Once she left the room, Howard sneaked in.

Evan had left the bed and sat in the wheelchair.

Seeing Howard, he ordered, "Help me to the first floor."

"Sure, Boss,"

Howard obliged, happy to see Evan's uplifted mood.

Indeed, Evan needed Jenny around him.

Evan showed up in the kitchen before the soup was ready.

"Jenny, didn't you say you had something to tend to? Let Howard make the soup.

Just go do whatever you need."

"It's fine.I'll get the soup ready.It wasn't urgent anyway."

Before leaving the hospital, she had called Vincent, whom she assumed had arrived to look after Alec.

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