Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1062

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Call Me a Busybody

Alec thought he could hide the truth from Jenny if he didn't use his study at home.

Little did he know that Jenny could see the light from his bedroom even though she didn't have a direct
view from her bedroom.

Without hesitation, she called him.

"Jenny, what's wrong?"

He jumped a little when he saw the incoming call but calmed down before picking up.

"Alec, where are you now?" she seethed.

He silently gulped, thinking, "Is she back at the hospital?"

That was unlikely to happen because Evan wouldn't let her leave after getting her to return.

With that in mind, he tried his best to keep himself together.

"Why? Are you in the hospital?"

"No.I'm home," she replied.

He felt relieved knowing she probably didn't learn about his discharge.He said, "I'm at the
hospital.Why? Do you want to keep me company?"

He told a bare-faced lie without fear since they were talking over the phone.

She smirked.

"Really? Did you not sneak out of the hospital?"

"Of course I didn't.Since I'd promise you to take care of my health, I will never do anything

Alec bluffed confidently.

Jenny would have fallen for the lie if she hadn't seen the light from his bedroom.novelebook She
clutched her phone as she tethered on the brink of rage.

"Alec, do you take me as a fool? Who turned on the lights in your bedroom if you're not home?"

He fell silent, wondering if it'd work if he rushed to turn off the lights.

It was clearly too late to do so.

She chastised him, "Alec! You're such a hypocrite.Why are you kicking up all these troubles?"

She huffed as she choked on anger.

He didn't need to see her face to picture her being angry.

"Jenny, I didn't like staying at the hospital because you weren't with me."


She did not believe in a word he uttered.

"Are you telling me you had never been to the hospital before meeting me?"

"Yeah." He nodded.

"Alec Faust!" she bellowed.

"That was true, though.I had a family doctor at home."

Since he never caught any serious illness, he never needed to go to the hospital, and a family doctor
would suffice.She finally understood his words and said sarcastically, Oh, shall I hire a family doctor for

"No, that's fine.I'll only need you to check on me."

He believed that he'd recover in no time with Jenny around.Dumbfounded by his answers, she said
sternly, "Alec, I'm not joking with you.If you can't be bothered about your health, I can't help you either."


"Call me a busybody.Whatever."

She knew that no amount of persuasion would make him go to the hospital.

He started panicking when he sensed that she was truly angry at him.

"Sorry, Jenny.

I didn't mean to lie to you."


She refused to talk.

"T'll get myself to the hospital."

He did not like the idea but feared Jenny's wrath even more.

Almost instantly, she saw the lights turned off in his bedroom, as though he had decided to leave for
the hospital.

She was momentarily taken aback and asked, "Are you feeling sick anywhere?"

"No.I'm feeling great," he answered.

She pressed on, "Did you get the prescribed meds?"

"Yes," he answered.

After a slight pause, she relented, "That's fine.You can rest at home for a few days, but you need to
stick to a routine and take your meals.Got it?"

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