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Chapter 1066

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You Won't Be Disappointed

Marigold understood the reason for his concern.

"I have never intended to use the child to keep him by my side.I just wanted to keep the child for

Even if she couldn't be with Gilbert, she'd be satisfied with giving birth to his child and raising the baby.

When the child grew up, she'd be witnessing a tiny Gilbert in the making, which would be a source of
satisfaction and accomplishment.

Unfortunately, Paul didn't share the same sentiment.

"You're hopeless!"

"Paul, you promised me."

She glanced at him with teary eyes, hoping that her brother would not find trouble with Gilbert.

After some deep thinking, he asked her to get into his car.

"I'll drive you home."

"Okay," she agreed, but not without some anxiety.

They left the hospital in his car and spent the entire journey in silence.

She wrongly believed that Paul would keep the pregnancy a secret from Gilbert, and she sighed in

Little did she know that Paul would not let her be taken advantage of.

Since she was pregnant with Gilbert's child, he’d want Gilbert to take full responsibility.

The question was how, and Paul needed time to think and come up with a plan.

After sending Marigold home, Paul didn't head back to the office.

Instead, he started smoking at the entrance of her apartment, appearing to be deep in thought.

The morning was gone in the blink of an eye.

After Jenny was done seeing patients, she was about to have lunch at the cafeteria.

That was the time she received a call from Paul.

"What do you want?"

She was hostile to Paul, especially after learning that he had planned to get rid of Leonard Sullivan.
novelebook Paul didn't mind the hostility and smiled.

"I'm in the cafe across from the hospital.Let's have a chat."

"I'm busy," she turned him down almost immediately, thinking he'd be begging her to talk to Stephanie.

She would never agree to do that for him.

"Don't worry.This has nothing to do with Stephanie,"

Paul added, much to Jenny's surprise.She was hesitant.

"Just tell me over the phone.We don't need to meet up."

She needed lunch and had no time for a coffee session with him.

"Are you sure you don't want to meet, even if it has to do with Gilbert Hawthorn?" he smirked.

It seemed that none of the siblings thought much about Marigold.

Even though he was cold- hearted and never connected much with his siblings, Marigold was the only
family he had a good relationship with, and he would not sit out on the matter of her pregnancy.

"Gilbert?" She frowned.

"Are you going to discuss him with me?"

That was quite ridiculous because she didn't remember Paul having any interactions with Gilbert.

"Yes," he admitted.

"Come over.You won't be disappointed."

Not only would she not be disappointed, she'd be astonished to learn the truth.He decided against
telling Gilbert because, knowing that man, the first thing he'd do was to secretly get Marigold an

Therefore, he turned to Jenny instead.

Paul knew bits and pieces about the three siblings.

Once Jenny learned about the pregnancy, she would not allow Gilbert to abort the child.

Her chest tightened as she stared at her phone, sensing the brewing storm in his words.

Something to do with Gilbert? What was Paul trying to tell her? She had no answer to that, but she
could not possibly ignore Paul now.

So, she made her decision and left the hospital for the cafe.She found it hard to stay out of matters
concerning Gilbert.

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