Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1070

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The Trap

After a brief silence, Jade finally said, ''Why don't you talk to Gilbert about it? What if he agrees? He's
not young anymore, so he must have thought about getting married a long time ago."

In Jade's opinion, Gilbert was still not married because no one was bugging him about it, as his
grandfather had passed away, and he was an orphan too.

Jenny also understood that she had to tell Gilbert about the pregnancy, whether he wanted to hear it or

They had to find a solution to the problem.

After hanging up, Jenny called Zack.

"Zack, did you already know about Gilbert and Marigold?"

Now that she was aware, it finally struck her how many holes there were in Gilbert's story.

Hence, she assumed that Zack also knew.

Hearing her accusation, Zack instinctively felt defensive.

"Jenny, I didn't intend to keep it from you, but Gilbert told me not to tell you."

"Are you just going to do whatever he tells you to do?"

Jenny was exasperated.

If Marigold weren't pregnant, she wouldn't be worrying about it, but the situation was different.

Zack didn't dare to refute Jenny.

"You already know?"

"Not only do I know about the affair they had abroad, but I also know about something else that will
shock you."

Since they were siblings, Jenny believed they should go through thick and thin together.

There was no way she would tell Gilbert about Marigold's pregnancy alone.

"What is it?"

For some reason, Zack felt that something wasn't quite right.

Was Jenny trying to trap him?

"Marigold is pregnant," Jenny said.

Zack was shocked into silence.

It took him a long time to recover.

Jenny wasn't in a hurry, so she patiently waited for him to return to his senses.

After a long time, Zack stammered and asked, "Is the child Gilbert's?"

"What do you think?"

If it wasn't Gilbert's, why would she be so concerned? Zack swallowed nervously.

"Are you sure? Could it be that Marigold got pregnant with another man's child and is pushing the
responsibility onto Gilbert?"

After all, they all knew how Marigold had been clinging to Gilbert before.

Such a plan was something she was capable of executing.

"It was Paul who told me.It can't be fake."

Recalling how Marigold had acted at the hospital, Jenny felt that it was highly likely that it was Gilbert's

Zack sighed.

"What did he say? We still need to confirm it first."

"Isn't it better to go directly to Gilbert for confirmation?" Jenny asked.

She had already obtained Marigold's conception date, so she just needed to find Gilbert to confirm if it
was his child.

He would know the best.

Zack regretted answering her call as soon as he heard that.

"Are you trying to get me to go with you?"

"Zack, we are family.Of course, we have to go together," novelebook Jenny answered with a grin.

There was no way he would get Zack out of it.

"Can I not go?"

Zack didn't want to go.

Apart from his strained relationship with Gilbert, he didn't want to get involved with the matter.He wasn't

Everyone knew that Gilbert didn't like Marigold.

Going to talk to him about her pregnancy was like walking into a lion's den.

When Gilbert got angry, he would take it out on Zack instead of Jenny.He could imagine how miserable
the outcome would be for him.

"No way!" Jenny said.

"I came to find you so that we can go together."

"Why the hurry? Let's go tomorrow."

Zack figured if he could delay it for a day, Gilbert might find out by himself, so they wouldn't need to say

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