Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1073

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What Do You Think Is Going On Between Us?

Perhaps Jenny's question caught him by surprise as Gilbert froze for a moment.

"Why are you suddenly asking this?"

"I'm just curious," Jenny answered with a guilty smile.

After pondering it, Gilbert said, I don't like them very much. I think children are troublesome."

He preferred the free and relaxed nature of his life currently.

If there were a child, just the thought of the child crying would give him a headache.

His answer filled Jenny with despair.

To begin with, Gilbert did not like Marigold.

Since he didn't even like children, how could she bring it up? "Jenny, why did you and Zack come

Gilbert stopped chopping the vegetables.

Initially, he had thought they had come because of Zack and Janet, but he didn't think so anymore.

Jenny's many questions most likely had something to do with him.

However, Gilbert couldn't think of anything he had done that needed Jenny to make a special trip to
confront him about.

Glancing at him, Jenny announced, "Let's cook first.

We'll talk while we eat later."


Gilbert didn't insist on knowing the answer.

Since they had to talk sooner or later, he didn't need to be in such a hurry. Novelebook With Jenny s
help, the food was ready half an hour later.

"Gilbert, your cooking skills are unrivaled."

Zack looked at the delicious food on the table and couldn't help but praise him.

Although Janet could also cook, she was far behind compared to Gilbert.

Glancing at him, Gilbert said, "Eat more if you like."

"Of course, let's dig in."

Zack sat down and was about to start eating.

Then, the three of them sat down and started eating.

Jenny and Gilbert chatted casually, and everything seemed normal.

However, each of them was occupied by their own thoughts.

Jenny nudged Zack with her elbow.

However, Zack didn't notice it.

To be exact, he pretended not to notice and kept his head buried in his food.

Exasperated, Jenny thought, "Some brother you are!"

Their interactions didn't go unnoticed by Gilbert.

Setting his cutleries on the table, he looked at them seriously.

"Jenny, if you have something to say, just say it. Nove.lebook We are all family, and there's nothing you
can't talk to me about."

He had no idea what Jenny and Zack had to say to him.

More importantly, why were they acting all skittish, as if they couldn't tell him about it? Since Gilbert
took the initiative to ask, Jenny decided she should stop wasting time.

She put down her cutleries and looked at Gilbert.

"Gilbert, I know everything that happened to you while you were abroad."

It caught Gilbert by surprise, but he quickly recovered.

"Okay, is this what you want to talk about?"

Gilbert wasn't too surprised.

In fact, he had long been prepared for Jenny to find out.

"What's going on between you and Marigold now?" Jenny asked without beating around the bush.

Upon hearing that, Gilbert sneered and asked, "What do you think is going on between us? Since you
know what happened to me abroad, you must know that I never intended to do that. She took
advantage of me."

How could Marigold get intimate with him if he hadn't been drunk that day? He didn't like women who
took advantage of others, and even if he had liked her before, he couldn't possibly like her again after
that incident.

"But you two did have a one-night stand,"

Jenny couldn't help but say.

Gilbert's expression turned ugly.

'So what? Jenny, you're not trying to tell me that because I slept with her once, I have to take
responsibility for her, are you?"

If Jenny answered yes, Gilbert would suspect someone was forcing her to say that.

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