Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1080

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Marigold thought she was about to start anew, but when Gilbert approached her, she realized that
starting a new life was harder than she had imagined.

"Whose child is it?" Gilbert asked her coldly.

Although Jenny said he would talk to Marigold for him, he wasn't reassured by how she reacted to the

Therefore, he decided to talk to Marigold himself.

Marigold noticed the frosty look he was giving her.

Feeling a little nervous, she clenched her fists beneath the table.

"It's not yours anyway.Why are you so worked up over the situation?"

"Since it's not mine, why did you lie about it?"

Gilbert continued to frown.He had been staring at Marigold, trying to see through her.

However, Marigold put up a good fight as she knew that if Gilbert knew the child was his, he would not
allow her to give birth to the child safely.

"At first, I thought of using the child to tie you down, but after Jenny talked to me, I knew that it wouldn't
work, so I stopped lying," Marigold said with a light laugh.

Frowning, Gilbert wondered whether she was telling the truth.

After a while, his gaze softened a little.

"So, whose child is it?"

"Well...I don't know," Marigold said with an embarrassed smile.

"I drank too much when I went to the bar to have fun.When I woke up, the man had already left, and I
didn't know who he was."


Gilbert spat.

Marigold didn't refute.She even nodded and said, "Yes, that's what I am.It's not like you didn't know that

"Even though you don't know who the father is, you still want to give birth to the child?"

Gilbert seemed unable to understand her decision.

"No matter who the father is, I am still its mother.Why can't I give birth to my child?" Marigold retorted.

Could she not raise a child? Gilbert still failed to understand her.

Have you thought about how much criticism you will receive as a single mother?"

Marigold shrugged, looking unconcerned.

"I don't care."

Gilbert wanted to say more, but Marigold didn't give him a chance.

"Why do you suddenly care so much about me? Are you in love with me?"

"In love with you? Ridiculous."

Gilbert glanced at her, wondering how Marigold had the nerve to say such a thing.

"Since you don't love me, what does it matter to you if I carry the child or not?"

Marigold retorted rudely. novelebook She had given up on getting Gilbert to like her.

Although she still felt sad, she felt much better now.

With an ugly expression, Gilbert sneered, "I'm afraid you will come up with some scheme after giving
birth to the child."

In other words, he was afraid that Marigold would pester him.

Marigold understood the meaning behind his words, causing a bitter feeling in her heart.

Despite that, she didn't allow it to show on her face.

"Don't worry, I'm about to become a mother and won't bother you anymore.Besides, I don't think you're
that great now," thuy she added, fearing that he wouldn't believe her and made a point of emphasizing

Somehow, upon hearing Marigold's words, Gilbert felt a little worried instead of feeling relieved.

But he didn't pay much attention to it.

Since he had already received the answer he wanted, he didn't plan to continue talking to Marigold.

"In that case, I hope you keep your promise," he said.

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