Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1081

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Standing Up

After Gilbert left, Marigold remained there. There was a warm sensation on the back of her hand, and
when she lowered her head to look, she realized that it was her own tears.

“Why are you crying? What’s there to cry about?” she muttered to herself, wiping away the tears at the
corner of her eyes and putting on a smile.

Aside from her child, there was nothing in the world that deserved her attention and energy. She
lowered her head and caressed her stomach.” My child, from now on, you will be my rock.”

She was already looking forward to the birth of her child. Even if she encountered many criticisms in
the future, she would not be shaken.

When Alec returned home from work, he was surprised to see Howard waiting for him at his door.

“Mr. Faust, Evan would like to see you.”

Alec glanced at Evan’s house and frowned. “Must I visit him just because he wants to see me? Who
does he think he is?”

Howard didn’t stop him from leaving. He merely said, “Evan said that if you want him to accept
treatment, you must visit him.”

Alec stopped in his tracks. What could Evan want from him? Could he have suddenly had a change of
heart and wanted Dr. Gaarder to examine his injuries?

Alec wasn’t sure, but he had to take the risk. “Great.”

He followed Howard to Evan’s place but didn’t see anyone in the living room. “Where is everyone?” He
eyed Howard suspiciously, worried that Evan might have set a trap for him.

“He is in the study,” Howard replied, leading Alec upstairs.

Although Alec was wary, he still followed him. He had to find out what Evan was up to. If he really
wanted to attack him, he would have already done so.

Howard pushed open the door of the study and announced, “Mr. Faust is here.”

“Alright, you can go out first,” Evan said, waving Howard away.

Howard turned and left, closing the door behind him.

Alec looked at Evan, sitting in a wheelchair not far away. In an unfriendly tone, he asked, “What do you
want from me?”

“Alec, aren’t you curious why I refused to let Dr. Gaarder check my injuries? ” Evan flashed a smile that
Alec couldn’t decipher.

“At first, I was curious, but now I’m sure you’re not injured. You’re just pretending,” Alec replied.
Although he had no evidence, he was sure he was right.

He expected Evan to argue with him, but Evan nodded in agreement.” You’re right, I’m not injured.”

Alec was shocked. Before he could react, Evan stood up from the wheelchair and sauntered toward
him, looking completely fine.

After recovering from his shock, Alec’s mood worsened with each passing moment. “Evan! You
deceived Jenny!”

“Yes, and what about it? Do you have evidence?” Evan didn’t deny it and looked at Alec, challenging

Alec couldn’t stand it anymore. He grabbed him and said, “I’ll take you to the hospital for a checkup,
and then I’ll have the evidence.”

Since Evan showed his true colors, Alec wouldn’t hold back. He didn’t need Dr. Gaarder to check his
injuries. He just needed a reliable doctor to do the checkup, and Evan’s lie would be exposed.

Evan didn’t resist. He allowed Alec to drag him out of the house, wearing a little smile that Alec didn’t

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