Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1083

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All That Trouble

Jenny hurried toward Howard and looked at the unconscious Evan.

Confused, she asked, “What happened to Evan?” “Alec pushed him from the top of the stairs!” Howard
answered, looking at Alec directly.

Alec was exasperated but managed to speak before Jenny could say anything. “I’m taking him to the

“No thanks! I don’t trust you,” Howard said, refusing his offer. Turning to Jenny, he asked, “Miss Walter,
can you please take us to the hospital?”

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Jenny answered anxiously. Evan was already unconscious, yet
they were busy arguing.

Jenny led Howard out of the villa, and Alec followed behind them. “Which hospital are you taking him

“Bardoff Hospital, of course! It’s the closest hospital.” After all, Jenny worked there.

Alec frowned as realization struck him. “No! Let’s go to another hospital.”

“Are you trying to kill him?” Howard would not allow Alec to take Evan to another hospital. They had
their people stationed at Bardoff Hospital. Hence, Evan had to be sent there, or their plan would fail.

Upset, Jenny rushed to open the car door. “Alec, don’t waste our time!”

“Jenny…” Looking at Jenny, Alec wanted to tell her how Evan had orchestrated everything, but he
knew it would be pointless-Jenny wouldn’t believe him.

Jenny took Howard and Evan away, leaving Alec behind. He was angry but had no way of venting his
frustration. “Evan! You really went through all that trouble just to do this!”

He had figured out that Evan had called him over to trick him, but he would not let him succeed. With
that thought in mind, Alec left. He didn’t forget that he still had Evan’s man in his hands, and as long as
he made him confess everything, Alec would have all the evidence he needed.

At the hospital, Evan was sent to the emergency room, where Jenny and Howard waited anxiously at
the door.

“What’s going on?” Finally, Jenny had time to ask for details. She believed that Alec wouldn’t push
Evan down the stairs. Surely, there was another reason.

With a solemn expression, Howard answered, “He told me he regretted not letting Dr. Gaarder examine
his injuries. In fact, he wanted to make a speedy recovery, but because he had no confidence, he was
afraid to hear something that would make him even more desperate and discouraged, so he refused
Dr. Gaarder’s examination. However, he’d been thinking it through for the past few days and told me to
bring Alec over. He wanted his help to make an appointment with Dr. Gaarder. I don’t know what they
were talking about in the study. When I saw them, Alec was dragging him out of the study. Then they
argued in the corridor, and Alec pushed him down the stairs.” He didn’t elaborate further, as Jenny
knew what happened after.

Jenny was in a low mood as she knew it was out of character for Alec to attack Evan.

As if afraid that Jenny wouldn’t believe him, Howard continued, “Actually, he’s pretty strong. If it weren’t
for his current condition, Alec might not have been able to take him down.”

In other words, Evan couldn’t defend himself from Alec because he had saved her. Jenny felt guilty.
She had come to take care of Evan, but not only did she not take care of him well, she had also

worsened his condition.

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