Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1085

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What Did He Give You?

“Alec, I know maybe you didn’t mean to, but it doesn’t change what happened. You haven’t even asked
about Evan’s condition once. Aren’t you too heartless?’ Jenny asked, casting him a look heavy with

Alec hesitated. Jenny’s disappointed gaze delivered a blow to his heart.

“Jenny, since I know his injury is fake, why would I bother asking about his condition? Nothing will
happen to him.”

Jenny walked away and entered Evan’s house. She didn’t want to talk to Alec anymore; she just
wanted to calm down.

“Jenny, I’m telling the truth. Evan’s leg injury is fake. He can even stand up like normal,” Alec said,
trailing behind her. He had to convince Jenny to bring Evan to another hospital for an examination.

“Enough!” Jenny shouted. “I’ve seen the surveillance footage. You dragged Evan out of the room. Even
if his injury is fake, must you pick on and bully him?”

Jenny considered it bullying. Having watched the surveillance footage in which Evan had been
completely defenseless before Alec, she couldn’t find any other word to describe it.

Looking into her eyes, Alec understood that he had lost to Evan. The man knew Jenny too well, and he
had calculated his every move, leaving Alec completely defenseless to his schemes. But he wouldn’t
give up. He looked at Jenny with a firm gaze. “Jenny, I know you don’t believe me now, but I won’t give
up so easily. I will find evidence to show you that all of this is Evan’s plan.”

With that, he left.

Jenny watched his retreating figure, feeling uneasy in her heart. She wanted to believe him, but the
facts were right before her. What else could she believe?

Jenny went back to her room and slept for a while. After taking a shower, she returned to the hospital to
take care of Evan.

As he had promised, Alec didn’t give up. After taking over the Faust family, his power grew, and
investigating things became more convenient.

He went to visit the person who kidnapped Jenny in the dungeon. It was his first time interrogating him
since taking over from Blake.

“What did Evan give you that you would risk your life for him?” The man had been looking down, but
when he heard Evan’s name, he suddenly raised his head to look at Alec.

The man sneered, “Evan? I don’t know who that is.’

“It seems that Evan must have done a good job. He treats you well, doesn’t he?” Alec completely
disregarded his reply, steering the conversation in his desired direction.

When the man remained silent, Alec continued, “But do you really think he’s good to you? If I were to
release the information I have about you, what do you think Evan would do?”

Alec grinned at him. Still, the man remained silent.

Alec didn’t bother to continue talking to him as he knew a stubborn person like that man had to be hit
by reality on his own terms.

“Wait and see. I’m sure Evan will send someone soon. Whether they come to save you or to kill you will
depend on your luck.”

With that, he left.

After leaving the dungeon, Alec didn’t idle around. He sent someone to find the doctor who attended to
Evan. The medical record had to be fake- Evan must have bribed that doctor.

What Alec needed to do now was to find evidence of the bribery.

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