Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1076

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Don't Be Too Sure

"Zack is right." Gilbert agreed.

Although he didn't think the child was his, he still had to make some things clear to Marigold, so she
wouldn't come back to bother him later.

Jenny was frustrated.

Why weren't they thinking from Marigold's perspective? She was wrong for taking advantage of Gilbert,
but she never pestered him after that, nor did she look for him after she got pregnant.

Didn't that prove she wouldn't use the child as a bargaining chip? "Gilbert, I understand what you
mean.I will go find Marigold."

Jenny stopped Gilbert from doing it himself.

She was afraid that Gilbert would get angry and do something irrational.

Gilbert looked at her, "You're going to talk to her for me?"

"I'll just convey your message to her, not persuade her to abort the child," Jenny said.

Seeing that Gilbert was about to speak again, Jenny hurriedly added, "Since you are so sure that the
child is not yours, whether she wants to abort the child or not has nothing to do with you.Isn't that right?
What if she wants to keep the baby and raise it herself? In that case, we can't do anything about it,

Gilbert was not very happy to hear that.

In his opinion, having the child aborted was the safest thing to do.

Jenny understood his feelings.

Hence, she said, "Gilbert, it is her right to choose, and you can't intervene regardless of whether the
child is yours."

She was afraid that Gilbert would do something extreme as he was capable of such things.

If he forced Marigold to abort the baby, not only would it be excessive, but Paul would also never let it

"Calm down.I haven't reached that point yet,"

Gilbert coldly retorted, still uneasy and upset over Marigold's scheme.

After leaving Gilbert's house, Jenny wore an unhappy expression on her face.

Zack, who was driving, glanced at her and whispered, "Jenny, it's not that I don't want to help you, but
he's right about this."

If it were him, he wouldn't accept Marigold with open arms either.

"I know, Gilbert isn't wrong."

While Jenny understood Gilbert, she felt uncomfortable about the situation.

"It's better if Marigold aborts the baby as she would have anew life if she does that.If she brings it to the
world, it will all be over," Zack said, hoping there wouldn't be any trouble in the future.

Upset, Jenny glanced at him.

"What if she wants to raise the child? Not everyone has to get married."

"Fine, fine.Say whatever you want."

Zack didn't want to argue with Jenny.

Knowing she was upset, he decided to get out of her hair.

Jenny didn't want to linger on that topic either.

Hence she asked, "How are you and Janet doing lately?"

"Pretty good," Zack replied.

When Jenny didn't say anything, Zack chuckled and added, "I know you and Gilbert are both waiting for
me to break up with her, but let me tell you clearly, Janet and I will never break up!"

"Don't be too sure.Nobody knows what the future holds."

They had only been together for a short time; their relationship had yet to experience any hardships.

Looking confident, Zack arrogantly declared, "I am certain!"

Feeling more upset, Jenny kept quiet.

Seeing Zack's confidence, she doubted whether Alec's proposal would be effective.

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