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Chapter 1090

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The Confession

However, Howard was not taken out so easily. With his quick reflexes, he picked up his gun and ran
away. Although he also shot at Trey a few times before leaving, he couldn’t be sure if he hit him or not.

All he knew was that he had to leave. If he fell into Alec’s hands, everything would be over, so he fled.

Alec didn’t go after him, as Howard was not his target, to begin with. With a click, the dungeon lights
were turned on, and Alec saw Trey hiding in the comer. He had been shot in the thigh, but it wasn’t a
big deal.

He walked over to him. “So, do you still believe that your boss will come to save you?”

Trey remained silent. He was still processing a mental breakdown and had no mood for conversation.

Nonetheless, Alec didn’t have anytime to waste. “Even now, you still won’t confess?”

“I told you not to waste your time. I won’t say anything.” Although Trey had lost all hope for Evan, he
still had his principles.

Alec frowned—he didn’t expect him to be so stubborn. It was annoying that he still refused to speak
even at this point.

He tried to control his temper and explained the deception that Evan had played on Jenny and him.
“You also have a wife and daughter,” he finally said. “Have you ever thought about what you would do if
they were deceived like this?”

Since being tough didn’t work, Alec had to try a softer approach. It turned out that Trey was someone
swayed by kind words. After hearing Alec explain the whole thing, he laughed and said, “No wonder he
did such a senseless thing at that time, so that’s why.”

At that time, he and his colleagues didn’t understand Evan’s behavior. Although they didn’t question
him, they found his actions strange.

Unfortunately, Evan never explained it to them. Finally, he found out the true reason from Alec.

He found it very funny.

Seeing that Trey was moved, Alec continued to explain, “I did it to save the person I love, do you

Perhaps it was the emotions Alec displayed, or perhaps Trey was no longer as stubborn as before, as
he confessed to everything. Alec made sure to record it so he wasn’t afraid of Trey retracting his
statement. However, he still wanted Jenny to hear it with her own ears.

“Trey, I’ll bring her here later. Can you tell her what you just told me again?” Alec asked him sincerely.

After a stunned silence, Trey nodded. “Okay.”

Before Alec left the dungeon, he sent someone to bring Trey out of there and treat his gunshot wound.
Then, he went to find Jenny, feeling very excited that everything was about to come to light.

He had a witness from Evan’s side, as well as the records of the doctor from Bardoff Hospital who had
taken the money. This time, he didn’t believe that Jenny would disregard his claims.

To his surprise, by the time he found Jenny, she and Stephanie had already gotten drunk to the point
where they were having trouble even walking, let alone listening to Trey’s words.

“You came just in time. Take Jenny back,” Stephanie said, a bit surprised to see him but still trusting

Taking Jenny from Stephanie’s hands, Alec was about to leave, but

Stephanie added, “You probably don’t know yet, but Evan wants Jenny to go abroad with him. If you
don’t want to lose her, you should think of a solution quickly. From what I can tell, Jenny will probably
agree to his request.”

Jenny felt strongly responsible for Evan and couldn’t bear to see him spend his whole life in a
wheelchair because of her. Hence, even if it meant sacrificing her happiness, she was willing to do it for

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