Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1102

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Sorry to Have Disappointed You

“I also planted a bug under your hospital bed.” Jenny didn’t hide anything. She chose to be frank to let
Evan know that she knew everything and that he shouldn’t lie to her anymore.

Evan was stunned. He wasn’t expecting that. Then, he laughed helplessly.” As expected, once you
have suspicions, you can quickly find evidence on your own.”

When she trusted him, she really trusted him with all her heart; once the seed of doubt was planted,
she would do everything to investigate.

“If you already knew, why did you agree to go abroad with me? And why did you come to the airport
with me today?” Evan didn’t understand why Jenny did that. She should have just confronted him
directly, then they might not have come to the airport today.

Jenny smiled bitterly in response. “I just thought that maybe you would feel guilty and tell me everything
before leaving.”

In the end, she thought too highly of him.

“I’m sorry for disappointing you,” Evan said.

In fact, he never intended to tell Jenny the truth from the beginning. He planned to find Julian and make
up an excuse to justify his recovery. By that time, even if Jenny felt it quite incredulous, she would still
think it was some kind of a miracle. Moreover, they would’ve been living abroad for a long time by then.
Alec wouldn’t be able to come between them. They might have already become a couple when that

He had great expectations for the future, but now everything was ruined. Jenny choosing to speak out
at this time meant that she had no intention of going abroad with him.

Jenny stood up, looked at him, and couldn’t find the right words to express her complicated emotions.
“Evan, I really thought of you as a brother.”

“But I don’t want to be your brother. I don’t want to be like Gilbert, who clearly loves you but has to
suppress his feelings for fear of damaging your relationship as siblings.” Gilbert could do it, but he

Perhaps because he left early, the time he spent with Jenny was not long, so his feelings for her were
more of a romantic relationship than a sibling one.

Jenny’s face dropped hearing him say that. “Do you know what love is? If you really love me, you
should understand that love requires restraint.”

Jenny looked at Evan, disappointment written all over her face. In turn, Evan’s face paled, and he
remained silent.

“You should go back to where you belong,” Jenny said. She didn’t intend to hold him accountable or
responsible for anything. The only thing she wanted was to expose Evan and let him know that it was
all over.

“What about you?” Evan asked.

“This is where I belong. Don’t you understand?” Jenny looked at him. She found it ridiculous for him to
still expect her to leave with him.

Evan smiled bitterly. Of course, he understood it was impossible for her to follow him; he just refused to
accept reality.

“Are you really not willing to give me a chance? We can be happy together.” He promised that he would
treat Jenny well as long as she gave him a chance.

Unfortunately, it meant nothing to Jenny. “Evan, please leave when I’m still willing to consider you my


“We can board the plane now.” Howard walked over quickly. He could tell that something was wrong
between the two upon approaching.

He thought, “Oh no, are they arguing at a time like this?” “Howard, you should help Evan board the
plane.” Jenny looked at Howard and then turned to leave.

She hadn’t packed anything. Her suitcases were all empty.

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