Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 18

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Elliot glanced coldly at Avery.

“Okay,” she said. She took the couch opposite him.

There was a laptop sitting on the coffee table.

The screen was facing her and on it was surveillance footage.

There was a bed in the footage, and on it was her and Elliot.

Avery’s blood boiled at the sight on the screen.

She shot to her feet, pointed at the laptop, and yelled, “Are you a pervert?! Did you install a camera in
the bedroom?”

She was livid.

She wanted to forget about the three months that she shared a bed with him.

He was in a vegetative state during those three months, so she had never even seen him as a man.

Even those who looked sophisticated in public would have some inelegant behavior in the privacy of
their bedrooms.

It was the reason Avery could not accept that she had been under surveillance for three months!

Nobody had told her there were surveillance cameras in the room when she had been staying with him.

The sight of Avery’s trembling body actually calmed Elliot down slightly.

“Why did you assume I was the one who installed the cameras?”

He had found out that his mother had installed surveillance cameras in his bedroom while he was ill.
She had wanted to him from suffering any abuse at the hands of his caretakers.

Even if he was a powerful man, who would be afraid of someone in a vegetative state?

Elliot could not be angry at his mother because he knew she had done it with the best intentions.

He had retrieved the footage from his mother and browsed through them that day.

His blood pressure rose slightly after watching the videos.

He had never expected Avery to be that kind of woman.

“Oh… It was your mother?” Avery said, but she was still uneasy, and her rage continued to burn. “How
could she do that?! She could have at least told me about it! I… I…”

“You never expected me to wake up, did you?” Elliot hissed as his eyes shot daggers at her. “It looked
like you had fun messing with my body when I was sick.”

Avery’s cheeks flushed as she fell back onto the couch.

“I did not! I wasn’t messing around! I was giving you a massage! It was to prevent muscle atrophy!”

After she moved into the mansion, she had watched the nurse give Elliot physical therapy many times,
and she took over the job soon after.

She had done it because she had felt awkward sitting in the room. A spectator in his nightly treatments,
she had watched his nurse go about her job.

For a moment, Avery’s adamant denial made Elliot wonder if he was wrongly accusing her.

It was a good thing that the cameras had recorded everything.

“Open it up and see for yourself,” he said. He did not want to listen to her argue.

Avery’s hand trembled as she reached out and hit the play button on the surveillance footage.

Of course, she knew what she had done.

However, there was no way she would admit that she had fooled around with his body.

She just… touched him a little bit…

She would not have done any of it if she had known that he would regain consciousness.

If she had known that there were cameras in the room, she would not have touched him even if
someone had threatened to have her arms chopped off!

Avery turned her head away. She did not want to see the contents of the footage.

Even so, she could still see it all from the corner of her eye.

Elliot did not disappoint her. The footage in the laptop was the perfect weapon against her.

It clearly documented exactly how she had “played” with his body.

Avery took a deep breath and decided to talk her way out of the situation.

“I can explain. The doctors had told me that you had been close to death, so I had never expected you
to wake up… and I was also seriously giving you physiotherapy. You can’t just focus on me touching
you while ignoring all my hard work… I sort of contributed to your recovery.”

Elliot’s head began to ache as he listened to her explanation.

“Let me find a clip of me giving you a proper massage…”

Avery was not backing down, and she slid her fingers on the laptop’s touchpad.

One minute later, she shut the laptop and shot to her feet.

“Sh*t!” she cried as her face turned a crimson red. “Did you see all of that? All the footage in here…
You’ve seen it all, haven’t you?!”

Her mind was in a frenzy.

Elliot knew exactly why she was reacting that way.

“Of course,” he drawled nonchalantly.

“Ahhh! You b*st*rd! Who told you to look? You hooligan!”

Avery was so angry that she was gritting her teeth.

She had seen a clip of herself naked!

She would occasionally walk out of the bathroom naked when she forgot to bring her clothes in.

Elliot was unconscious, anyway, so she was not concerned.

Never in her dreams did she expect there to be cameras in the bedroom!

“You’re the one who was naked. Why are you blaming me?”

Elliot could not wrap his head around her.

“Aside from the fact that you’re blindingly fair, there isn’t much to look at,” he said in a hoarse voice.

“Why, you…”

Avery’s eyes darkened with rage. She was beyond furious.

“Who are you to judge my body?! Shut your mouth if you don’t know what to say! I’m deleting

She picked up the laptop and angrily stormed off to her room and slammed the door behind her.

The driver was smoking outside, so he had heard Avery’s hysterical shrieks from time to time. When he
heard the sound of the door slamming, he sighed at his own lack of imagination.

In his lifetime, he finally got to see a woman get into Elliot Foster’s head.


At seven in the evening, Avery had deleted all of the surveillance footage and returned the laptop to the
coffee table in the living room.

The commotion earlier had taken a toll on her.

She was starving, so she put on a brave face and walked into the dining room.

Elliot was not there, but she still felt uneasy.

It felt as if there were cameras all over the house, monitoring her every move.

“I didn’t know there were surveillance cameras in the master bedroom, Madam,” Mrs. Cooper
explained. “Master Elliot really had nothing to do with it. Nobody cares more about privacy than he

“It’s fine. I already deleted everything,” said Avery.

She lost her appetite after eating just a bit of food.

She set her spoon down and turned to Mrs. Cooper, “Was he in an unusually bad mood earlier?”

“Kind of,” answered Mrs. Cooper.

“I see…” Avery said. “Whatever. It’s not like he can stand up and beat me up, right?”

She made up her mind. Since her privacy meant nothing to him, she might as well face things openly.

She strode out of the dining room, intending to do as she pleased, but things did not go her way.

She bumped into Elliot just as she left the dining room.

He said nothing and did nothing. His dark eyes just looked coldly at her.

There was a peculiar charm in his eyes. They were deep and vast, and it was as if he could see
through her in an instant.

It drove her heart into a giddy, uneven beat.


His voice was low and magnetic.

Avery froze for a moment, then turned sideways.

Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she watched Elliot enter the dining room.

She thought he was there to mess with her, but he had just come down for dinner.

She smacked herself in the head and let out a long sigh.

He just saw her naked body. What’s the big deal?

When she was giving him physiotherapy before, she practically saw his naked body, too.

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