Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 87

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Chapter 86 Avery’s face was wet. Even though the water was warm, she felt chilly.

“Chelsea! What are you doing!” Charlie got up immediately, grabbed Chelsea’s arm, and pulled her

“Charlie! Don’t stop me! I’m going to teach her a lesson tonight!” Chelsea’s eyes were red, and her
sharp voice pierced through the entire private room.

Charlie snapped, “Have you lost your mind?!”

Chelsea had never been yelled at in public by Charlie, and she boiled with rage. Then, she pushed
away Charlie’s hand, trying to attack Avery again.


A glass of juice was splashed on her face.

Avery slammed the empty cup on the table, and she looked at the messy-faced Chelsea, and said, “If
you want to bully me, at least make sure you’re capable of doing so.”

The crowd instantly fell into silence, and everyone’s eyes turned to Avery and Chelsea.

Avery was only splashed with a glass of warm water, and her face was still clean and clear but just wet.
However, Chelsea was drenched in red watermelon juice, covering her face and hair…

Her originally delicate facial features now appeared particularly funny.

“Go on with your meal! I’ll leave first.” Avery wiped the water off her face with a tissue. After saying that,
she strode out of the private room.

Chelsea wanted to chase after Avery, but Charlie grabbed her.

“Chelsea, aren’t you embarrassed enough?!”

“Hehe. You think that I’m humiliating you, right? Let me go!” Chelsea shook off his hand, tears
streaming down her face.

She had just learned that Elliot had waited for Avery in the rain outside of Laura’s dilapidated rented
residence all night. Even though his fever persisted, he refused to visit the hospital. Avery was treating
the man she thought of as gold as mere dust, and Chelsea was in so much pain that she could not
ignore it any longer. Hence, she had taken it out on Avery.

“Chelsea, calm down. Do you think the Chelsea I know would have acted that way?” Charlie’s
rhetorical question made Chelsea stop crying.

Elliot did not like her, and now even Charlie looked down on her.

She felt abandoned by the world.

“I don’t think you’re humiliating me, but I’m just afraid you’ll regret it later. I told you many times that
when dealing with enemies, you have to outsmart thern. Have you forgotten?” Charlie held her hand
tightly and took her to the bathroom.

After the Tierney siblings went to the bathroom, the management of Tate Industries and

Trust Capital looked at each other.

“Why did Chelsea and Miss Tate fight?” Someone from Trust Capital asked the one from Tate

“I don’t know! We don’t know anything about her private affairs!” A person from Tate Industries replied.

“Oh… It feels so complicated.”

“That’s right! I wonder if it’ll affect our cooperation.”

“Probably not. Mr. Tierney personally does the planning for this cooperation, and he really wants to
facilitate it,” the person from Trust Capital said.

Everyone from Tate Industries breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good.”

Avery froze when she walked out of the restaurant. She truly felt the piercing chill of early winter, and
as her hair was wet, her scalp tingled when a gust of night wind blew.

It started to rain at this time last night. Later, the rain had become heavier and heavier, and it rained all
night. Avery sniffled.

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