Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 95

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Rosalie still felt a little apprehensive about her position. After all, Elliot had almost ended

their relationship because of this woman.

At around midnight, Elliot’s fever subsided, and he finally woke up. Warm orange light lit the room. He
sat up and saw Chelsea lying on the edge of the bed, fast asleep.

Elliot frowned, got out of bed, and left the room.

The following morning, Chelsea woke up to an empty bed and an empty heart. Then, she immediately
went downstairs to look for Elliot.

Mrs. Cooper was shocked, and she exclaimed, “I’ve been downstairs, but Master Elliot has not come

Chelsea was stunned. “He’s not in the room! I only came down because he was missing.”

Mrs. Cooper became anxious. “Goodness! Master Elliot can’t just disappear into thin air!”

As she said that, Mrs. Cooper ran upstairs. She and Chelsea searched all the rooms on the second
floor, but they could not find Elliot.

Chelsea burst into tears. “It’s all my fault… I slept so deeply last night, and I didn’t notice him getting
out of bed at all…”

Mrs. Cooper hurried downstairs and said, “I’ll ask the gatekeeper. If Master Elliot went out, there would
be a record.”

After a while, Mrs. Cooper got the report from the gatekeeper: Elliot had never left. Mrs. Cooper
gathered the servants and began searching the villa.

After half an hour, everyone gathered in the living room.

“He’s not in the front yard.”

“Neither is he in the backyard.”

“No sight of him in the warehouse or parking lot.”

“All rooms on the ground floor have been searched… except for Madam’s room.”

After listening to everyone’s reports, Mrs. Cooper strode toward Avery’s room. She pushed the door
open and immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Elliot was lying on Avery’s bed, sleeping peacefully.

Mrs. Cooper swiftly exited the room and said to Chelsea, “Miss Tierney, you should go back! Then, if
Master Elliot needs you, he’ll contact you.”

Chelsea was indignant. “Why’s he lying in Avery’s bed? Didn’t they quarrel? The situation is so bad
now… Why is he-”

Mrs. Cooper interrupted, “If you weren’t in Master Elliot’s room last night, he wouldn’t come to Madam’s
room to rest. Master Elliot hates outsiders in his room.”

Chelsea sobbed and choked, uttering, “Am I an outsider? I’ve been with him for ten years—”

Mrs. Cooper answered, “Miss Tierney, i know you have a hard time, and it has not been easy for you.
But you can’t force your one-sided love on others.”

Chelsea was angered. “How dare you talk to me like that?!”

Mrs. Cooper replied, “Our Madam never yells at the servants because she’s our boss. I’m not saying
that you’re not as good as our Madam, but I just hope that you can discover the strengths in others and
discover your own weaknesses at the same time.”

Mrs. Cooper might as well have said Chelsea was not as good as Avery.

Chelsea left Elliot’s mansion full of anger.

Elliot exited Avery’s room at eight in the morning. After a whole night’s rest, his temperature was now
normal. However, he still had a headache, and his limbs were weak. When Mrs. Cooper saw him come
out, she quickly brought a bowl of hot soup to him.

“Master Elliot, Madam came back to see you last night.” Mrs. Cooper kept looking at his face a s she

Elliot held the bowl, but he did not drink the soup. Instead, he looked at Mrs. Cooper, telling her to

“You were asleep when Madam came upstairs to see you. Miss Tierney was wiping the sweat off you,”
Mrs. Cooper said, “It was my fault. I asked her to come upstairs to see you, but I didn’t know Miss
Tierney would be so unruly.”

“Don’t let her into my room in the future,” Elliot said hoarsely.

Since no one was in the villa, Mrs. Cooper bluntly reported, “Yes, Master Elliot. Last night, Madam
Rosalie and Miss Tierney spoke harshly to Madam. Madam took her suitcase and left, and I’m afraid
she won’t come back and live here anymore.”

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