Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 105

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Chelsea was speechless. She had mentally prepared herself the entire morning so that
she would not be jealous of Avery when she saw Elliot. However, her psychological defenses had

Chelsea endured the pain and left the banquet hall.

Not far away, Charlie watched Elliot snub his sister again. What made it worse was she had been
snubbed in her own house. It would be a lie if Charlie had said that it did not hurt him, and it would also
be a lie if he had said that the situation had not embarrassed him.

Charlie wanted Elliot to compensate his sister for all ten years of her youth she had wasted on him.

After lunch, Elliot went to the guest room to rest. He did not expect Avery to arrive just yet. Did she not
say being with Charlie was really comfortable? Was she lying to him?

When Elliot arrived at the guest room, he did not lie down. He was not very sleepy, and he only came
here because he did not want to socialize. Later, he sent a text to his bodyguard. 1

(Call me when Avery arrives.)

After sending the message, Elliot put the phone on the table, and he took a book from the shelf next to

At about four in the afternoon, there was chatter outside the door.

“Do you know Avery Tate?”

“Of course. That’s the woman Young Master Charlie fancies!”

“That’s right. Young Master Charlie just asked me to prepare a woman’s daily necessities and bring
them to his room. I think that Avery will be staying overnight.”

“When it comes to wooing women, our Young Master Charlie has never missed a beat! Do you know
why he succeeds every time?”


“Our Young Master Charlie has a way of getting women to obey him! By-”

The sound outside the door suddenly became quieter. Following that, the footsteps were getting further

Elliot frowned and walked toward the door. At this time, his phone rang, so he turned around and
answered the phone.

“Mr. Foster, Avery’s here. Charlie greeted her at the door, and he’s taking her to the south side now,”
said the bodyguard.

“Follow her!”

“Mr. Foster, the Tierney family’s bodyguards are guarding the south side, and outsiders are not allowed
to enter. I inquired about it, and the south side is where Charlie’s father lives.”

Elliot hung up. Then, he searched through his address book, found Avery’s number, and dialed

“Avery, my father prefers a quiet space as he gets a headache when he hears the phone ringing and so
on…” Charlie said to Avery.

Avery immediately replied, “I’ll silence my phone.”

“There’s no need. Your cell phone should have no signal now. The signal is blocked in the area he lives

Avery was shocked. “Is your father’s illness that severe?”

Charlie nodded. “We visited a lot of doctors but to no avail. In the end, we had to let him live in a
tranquil place for him to feel better.”

Avery asked, “Since he prefers peace, why’s he throwing a birthday party?”

Charlie laughed. “It’s not that he prefers peace, but it’s because of his illness. Before he got sick, he
liked the crowd.”

Avery nodded in understanding.

“Why does your dad want to see me alone? I’m a little nervous,” Avery admitted uneasily.

Charlie replied, “Don’t be nervous. He just wants to have a chat with you.”

Charlie and Avery did not turn up at dinner, and Elliot had called Avery several times, but he did not
receive a response. He had called Charlie but to no avail. Heartbroken, Elliot came out of the banquet
hall and strode toward the south area of the villa.

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