Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 117

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“I have no idea,” Elliot said. “Don’t worry about them.”

“Let’s get a bigger one, then!” Avery said. “Ten inches, maybe?”

Elliot turned to the shop assistant and said, “Ten inches.”

“Sure thing. Are you guys on a date? You look cute together,” said the shop assistant with a smile.

A wave of embarrassment washed over Avery’s face, turning her porcelain skin ruby red.

On the other hand, Elliot glanced at the desserts on display and asked, “Do you want to get anything
else to bring home?”

“It’s fine…” Avery answered.

“Go ahead and get something for your mother.” Avery noticed the rosy tint in Elliot’s cheeks, chuckled
to herself, then said, “Sure! I’ll get something.”

They left the bakery an hour later.

Elliot was holding the cake with an uneasy expression on his face.

There were not many people out on the streets.

The weather was cold, but the warmth that surrounded him helped him fight the chill.

When they arrived at the restaurant, all the other guests were waiting for them in the private


Upon Avery and Elliot’s arrival, the noisy atmosphere instantly turned silent.

Elliot’s cream sweater took years off of his age.

The cake he was holding also clashed with his image.

Everyone knew that he never ate dessert.

Ben cleared his throat and approached the couple.

“Did you guys go and get a cake? I brought one, too, but it’s not as big as this one.”

Avery felt uncomfortable under the crowd’s gaze and explained; “He said he felt like eating cake, so we
went and got one.”

Ben coughed and asked, “Elliot said he wanted to eat cake?”

“Yes,” Avery said. “Is everyone here? I’ll unbox the cake, then.”

While Avery walked off with the cake, Ben reached out to touch Elliot’s sweater and said, “It feels pretty
soft. Miss Tate is quite talented! Don’t you feel a little warm wearing that in here? Let me take it off for

Elliot slapped Ben’s hand awake and hissed, “Don’t touch me.”

Ben grinned, then wheeled Elliot to his seat at the table.

After Avery placed the cake on the table, Ben instructed the waiters to serve their food.

Elliot picked up the candles in the cake box and arranged them on the cake one by one.

The whole room watched him in awed silence.

When did Elliot Foster become this carefree?

Did he not say that he hated birthdays?

The way he was behaving, it looked like he was actually enjoying himself!

Once he was done arranging the candles, Elliot pulled out a lighter and lit it.

Everyone stared at the spark in a daze.

“Don’t people usually light candles at night?” Avery asked awkwardly.

Ben walked over to the windows and drew the curtains, then said, “No worries! Anytime is fine as long
as Elliot feels like it!”

The room was drowned in darkness the moment the curtains were drawn.

Ben was an expert at analyzing Elliot’s thoughts and emotions, so once Elliot had lit the candles on the
cake, Ben asked, “Is that a new lighter, Elliot? Let me light a cigarette.”

Elliot shoved the lighter back in his pocket, then responded childishly, “It’s from Avery.”

“You gave him two presents, Miss Tate? How sweet!” praised Ben.

Avery was flushed with embarrassment.

She changed the subject and said, “Let’s sing a birthday song!”

As she began to sing, the rest of the crowd joined in.

At the end of the song, Elliot shut his eyes and made a wish.

Avery was lost in thought as she stared at Elliot’s handsome face illuminated in candlelight. She
wondered what wish he would make.

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