Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 150

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A black car came to a stop at the front yard of the Foster mansion.

When the door to the car opened, a familiar, exquisite face appeared.

“Long time no see, Miss Tierney,” said Mrs. Cooper.

Chelsea flashed a smile and said, “Long time no see, Mrs. Cooper. Is Elliot home?”

Mrs. Cooper nodded, then said, “Master Elliot has been waiting inside since he received your call this

Chelsea nodded contentedly.

Soon after, another woman emerged from the car.

“Watch your step, Miss Sanford,” Chelsea said as she helped the woman out of the car.

Miss Sanford looked to be thirty. She looked mature and had a dignified air about her. She gave people
the impression that she was a professor.

She looked up and took in the mansion standing before her.

One could not tell her emotion from her eyes.

Mrs. Cooper did not dare to ask questions. She walked in front and led the two women to the living room.

When Elliot saw them walk in, he immediately got up from the couch.

Chelsea called him that morning and told him that she had found the student that Professor Hough said
would be able to help him.

The fact that Elliot was the last person the professor had talked to on the phone prior to his death had
made the local news.

Some money and connections were all it took to find out the contents of the phone call between Elliot
and Professor Hough.

It had taken Chelsea a long time to find Miss Sanford.

She went through the trouble of escorting Miss Sanford to Elliot just so she could be by his side once

It had been almost five years since she had last seen Elliot!

Chelsea had spent all those years away from Elliot, living abroad.

Now that she had the chance to return to his side once more, she immediately reached out and grabbed

Elliot’s familiar face and his cold, restrained aura made Chelsea even more attracted to him than she had
been five years ago.

Her eyes instantly reddened. .

Elliot, however, merely glanced at Chelsea before he turned his attention to Zoe Sanford.

“Hello, Miss Sanford,” Elliot said as he offered his hand to Zoe.

“Hello, Mr. Foster,” Zoe said as she shook Elliot’s hand.

Elliot released his grip, then offered Zoe a seat.

“I’ve looked through your resume, Miss Sanford. Is it true that you’re the youngest professor at Mercy
Medical Center?” Elliot asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

Chelsea drank Elliot in, but he did not pay her any attention at all.

However, Chelsea did not care even if Elliot did not see her.

She had no regrets as long as she could stay by his side.

The only thing she did not understand was why he was looking for Professor Hough and Zoe Sanford.

Elliot was healthy, and Rosalie was also in good health for her age.

Who was he seeking out medical help for?

Zoe nodded, then answered, “I am. You should have a good idea about my overall background if you’ve
read my resume. I got into medical school at the age of fifteen, and I have devoted all my time since then
to medicine and the sick.”

“I see,” Elliot said, then added, “I’ve arranged a place for you to stay, so you can get some rest for now.
Let’s talk once you’re rested.”

“Alright,” Zoe responded with a nod.

Once Zoe was gone, Chelsea said, “Elliot…”

After watching Zoe leave, Elliot turned around and thanked Chelsea.

“Thank you, Chelsea. If you hadn’t found her, it would have taken me a long time to find her.”

There were simply too many of Professor Hough’s students to filter through.

On top of that, every single one of them had an impressive resume.

“It’s my pleasure,” Chelsea replied, then added, “Can I come back to Sterling Group, Elliot? I haven’t just
sat around the past few years. I studied abroad for a year, then worked for over two years…”

She wanted to express that she was qualified for a managerial position at Sterling Group’s PR


Elliot did not like owing favors, and Chelsea had done him a huge favor.

He was not particularly fond of her suggestion, but it was something that he could consent to.

“I’ll grant your request, but if you return to Sterling Group, our relationship should remain purely that of
superior and subordinate.”

Elliot might as well have told Chelsea to keep her distance.

Chelsea’s heart ached, but she nodded her head.

Before she left, she asked cautiously, “Elliot, could I ask who you’re seeking medical help for? I ‘m not
trying to invade your privacy. I’m just worried about you.”

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