Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 152

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Avery instantly became clear-headed.

She had a very strong feeling that the person Elliot was trying to save was probably the woman in his
heart and mind.

It was impossible for her to wish them happiness.

Avery got the car on the road and turned on the air conditioning, filling the car with cold air.

She decided to go home and take the kids out for the day.

She had yet to have a day out with them since their return to Aryadelle.

“Where are we going to play, Mommy?”

Layla and Hayden were both seated in their individual car seats.

Both children were obediently seated in the back seat of the car.

Avery had not decided where to take the kids.

Compared to other children, Layla and Hayden were far more mature.

“What about the amusement park? There’s a huge one in the city that looks like a castle!” Avery
suggested enthusiastically.

Layla exhaled, then said in a baby-like voice, “It’s too hot, Mommy! Can we find somewhere cooler to
hang out?”

“How about a water park, then?” Avery asked.

Layla furrowed her brows and said, “I don’t like playing in a pool with all those people… It’s so dirty! Let’s
just go get some ice cream, Mommy!”

Avery was speechless.

Layla was an eating machine.

“Let’s just ride around in the car, Mommy! Then we could get something nice to eat and go home once
we’re full!” Layla said warmly after noticing her mother’s frown.

Hayden, who was a boy of few words, said, “Agreed.”

This was his way of seconding his sister’s idea.

Avery was defeated and gave in.

It was as if the children had social anxiety. They especially hated going to crowded places.

Even if other children found something fun and exciting, Layla and Hayden would find it childish and

Avery took the kids for a joyride around Avonsville.

In a flash, two hours had gone by.

At four thirty in the afternoon, Avery drove into the city, found a parking spot, and entered a nearby
restaurant with the children.

It was an expensive high-end restaurant. Therefore, there were not many customers.

Avery picked a table by the window for them.

Layla and Hayden seated themselves across from their mother.

The siblings got along extremely well.

They argued occasionally, but Layla was always the one to compromise.

Avery glanced at the menu, noticed that there were pictures next to every item, then passed the menu to
the children, allowing them to decide on what they wanted to order.

“Mommy, If I eat like a good girl, will you buy me an ice cream cone?” Layla asked before ordering her
food. “Hayden wants one, too.”

“I don’t,” said Hayden.

“Be a good girl and eat first, okay, Layla? I’ll buy you ice cream after this,” said Avery with a gentle smile.

Layla nodded happily

The night before, Cole visited the Gibson family with his father to apologize and explain.

Seeing their sincerity, Jenny Gibson decided to give Cole another chance.

That day, Cole invited Jenny out for dinner.

“I’m sorry about yesterday, Jenny. Of all the men in the restaurant, that little girl just had to

•mistake me for her father. I blame it on bad luck… It’s my fault for putting you in that embarrassing
situation. I thought about it all night, and I think the reason why my luck sucks is because I’ve used up all
of my good luck to meet you.”

Cole was a handsome and elegant man with a good figure. He was also good at dressing up, which
made him look more outstanding.

His good looks, paired with his sweet talk, amused Jenny and made her laugh.

“This is something I picked out especially for you. I hope you accept it. It’s not just a gift, but

my sincerity towards you,” Cole said, then placed a red gift box in front of Jenny.

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