Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 154

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Cole could not help but think of Avery.

Avery was abroad, so the woman he was looking at could not be her.

After he sent Jenny home that night, Cole happily returned to the old mansion.

Olivia noticed the delighted look on her son’s face and asked with a smile, “Did everything go well

“It’s in the bag. She brought up kids and said that our first child should take the Gibson last name, so I

Cole saw the change in his mother’s expression, then quickly added, “Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll make sure
she’s on my side after we’re married. I’ll get her to willingly hand over everything the Gibsons own!”

Olivia felt relieved, then said, “I trust you, Cole. You must have the strength to ignore all these trivia
matters if you want to achieve great things!”

“I’ve got this!” Cole exclaimed.

At 10 p.m. that night, Henry’s phone rang.

He answered it, only to hear Jenny’s father yelling furiously at him on the other end of the line.

“Henry! What the hell is your son doing?! How could he send those photos to my daughter? My little girl
is so disgusted that she’s in tears! The marriage between our families is off!”

Henry froze.

“What photos did my son send your daughter?”

“Naked photos! Is your son sick in the head? I could brush it off as some weird fetish if he’s got a good
body, but he’s tiny! Is he not embarrassed to show people a photo like that?!”

Henry’s face reddened as the corners of his mouth twitched.

He did not know whether or not his son was well endowed, but it was a shameless act to send naked
photos to a girl!

How could Cole go that far with a woman he had just met not too long ago?

Henry tightened his hand around his phone, then stormed over to Cole’s room. He kicked the door open
with a bang. He went up to Cole, who was lying in bed, then yelled, “You shameless piece of sh*t! You
ruined the marriage! Why did you have to send naked photos to Jenny Gibson?!”

Cole was in the middle of playing a mobile game, but his eyes widened when he heard his father’s
accusations. He was dumbfounded.

He got out of bed. His cheeks were flushed as he walked over to Henry and launched his defense.

“Dad! What are you wrongly accusing me of?! Why would I ever send her something like that? I ‘ve never
sent photos like that to women before!”

Henry shoved his phone in Cole’s face and roared, “Mr. Gibson called me just now and told me himself!
Did they wrongly accuse you? You know yourself if you did it or not! I’m so disappointed in you!”

He then turned and stomped out of the room.

With reddened eyes, Cole exited the game on his phone and opened up his text conversation with

“Look, Mom! I never sent her those photos! The last time I texted her was when we agreed to meet this

Olivia glanced at the phone, but she was still disappointed.

“You could’ve deleted the chat history. It’s over, Cole. Just sit and think about what you’ve done!”

After that, Olivia also walked away.

Cole was beyond outraged!

Why were they accusing him of something he did not do?

Besides, Jenny even kissed him when they said goodbye that night.

Logically speaking, she would not frame him.

Where did it all go wrong?!

In the children’s room at Starry River Villa, Layla and Hayden were having a secret discussion in bed.

•”Do you think that rich lady would dump the dirtbag?” Layla asked.

“Yes,” Hayden responded.

“Did we go too far, Hayden? He’s still our daddy after all.”

“He isn’t as long as I don’t acknowledge it.”

Layla exhaled, then said, “By the way, where did you dig up his naked photos?”

“From his private photo album.”

“I see… Why won’t you show me the photos?”

Hayden pulled a long face and said, “You’d go blind.”

“Why didn’t you go blind, then?!” Layla said discontentedly. “I’m a boy! You’re a girl, so you can’t see it!”


After a short tantrum, Layla reached out to hug her brother, then said sweetly, “You’re amazing, Hayden!
I don’t need Daddy with you to protect me!”

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Chapter 154

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