Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 162

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“Avery Tate! What are you trying to prove by pulling such an act?” Elliot’s voice was glacial.

Avery was dumbfounded. What did he mean by ‘trying to prove’?

Then it hit her. Elliot was talking about the sale of Tate Tower.

“How about the fact that you are trying to sell it to me for a mere forty million dollars?” Avery countered.
“Please, I don’t need your sympathy!”

Elliot frowned, and his brows formed deep furrows.

He realized then that their relationship was an unsalvagable wreck.

Elliot had bought the building with the intention of giving it to Avery as a gift, back when they had been

He had never thought of profiting off Tate Industries.

He was selling it to her for forty million dollars. There were no reasons to spoil her with gifts.
Furthermore, Avery would never accept it as a gift now.

“Fine, we will honor the market price of the tower then!” Elliot felt a burn in his throat. “You don’t need my
sympathy, and I don’t need your generosity!”

“Fine then! Return the balance to me, and please be quick!” Avery clutched her phone tightly. She was

Elliot was breathing heavily. He had no more to say and hung up.

Within five minutes, twenty million dollars were transferred into Avery’s account.

Staring at the figures in her bank statement, tears welled up in her eyes. The peaceful breakup that
Avery had achieved had erupted into chaos.

He was a rose full of thorns, but so was she.

She was contemplating whether or not to tell Elliot about Shea. However, the phone call proved how little
he had thought of her.

.Fine, good luck looking for Shea all by yourself!

Avery lay on the bed staring blankly at the ceiling.

She felt trapped in the situation, and this was all Hayden’s fault. He just had to bring that Shea woman
back home.

She had thought that she was finally free from Elliot’s mess after the divorce, but Shea was now soundly
sleeping in her daughter’s bed.

She found herself falling again and again into the same sticky situation.

Avery thought that even if she were to send Shea back right now, he would not believe her story and
accuse her of kidnapping Shea instead.

Avery was distraught. She pulled up her sheets and hid beneath them.

Moments later, her cell phone rang, dragging her back to reality.

Avery sighed and got up. She felt for her phone and took the call.

“Avery, I saw that woman Elliot was with!” It was Tammy on the phone. She sounded both shocked and
furious, “Elliot Foster is a vicious, vicious man! How could he do this to you?”

“We got a divorce today.” Avery felt energetic from her short nap. “How did you come to know about

“His company put out a missing person’s notice. They are looking for a woman named Shea, and if
anyone could provide a lead, they will be rewarded one hundred and twenty million dollars.

“And that is not all! If they find her, they will be given a whopping two hundred and forty million dollars as
a reward! Oh dear god, it broke the internet!”

Tammy had yet to catch he breath, but she pushed on. “Avery, it’s no wonder you fell for it. I even asked
Jun about this, and he has not the slightest clue who Shea is”

Avery’s heart felt as calm as the dead sea.

She did not feel a thing, after all, she was already numb.

“Avery, I am fuming right now. He is spending two hundred and forty million dollars just to look for this
woman. One can only imagine how important she is to him!”

“Alright. What time is it now?” asked Avery.

Tammy snapped, “It is almost twelve. Oh, come on now, is that you are going to say after everything that
I have told you?” Avery forced a smile, “What do you want me to say? We have already gotten a

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