Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 258

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“Mike, hurry up and catch up to them!” shrieked Laura.

“Ohh!” Mike snapped out of his daze and drove after them.

Laura sighed in relief.

“Grandma, is Mom going to be okay? I’m so worried about her!” Layla asked as her eyes grew red with
tears. She grabbed onto Laura’s blouse

Laura lifted her up. “Your mom is just down with a fever. It’s nothing to worry about. Once she is in the
hospital, the doctor will help her, and as soon as her fever comes down, she will be okay.”

“Oh... but why did Elliot come here?” Layla could not help but have a bad feeling about it.

Laura frowned. “I‘m not sure either, but I don‘t think he will do anything while your mom is sick.” Elliot had
wrapped Avery in her blanket before he carried her down. Despite Laura’s prejudice toward him, she
could not say that he had done anything wrong.

One could always tell from the smallest details as to whether a man truly cared for a woman. No matter
how many women Elliot had out there, he still had feelings for Avery, and because of that, Avery should
be safe with him.

In the hospital, Elliot carried Avery into the emergency room, and by the time Mike caught up to them,
Avery was already on an IV drip.

“Elliot Foster! You run too damn fast!” Mike panted. “Give Avery back!”

The emergency room had run out of beds, and Elliot held Avery in his arms. He gave Mike a cold glare
and said, “Get out of the way!”

“I‘m in your way? If it wasn‘t for you shoving me aside, I would have brought Avery here myself!” Mike
probed his hands on both sides of his waist and retorted. Comment by Sharayu Tang: Hi, could you
please tell me what this sentence means? Thank you. Comment by Lam Venise: I‘m sorry, it‘s supposed
to be ‘propped‘, as in the person rest their hands on their hips

The patients around them were starting to pay attention to them.

“Are you trying to be the face of tomorrow’s headlines?” Elliot said sharply. “Pipe down!”

Mike looked around him, before reluctantly quieting down and sitting down next to Elliot.

“Why are the people around you so violent?” Mike touched the wound at the corner of his mouth. “I had
too much to drink last night and someone put me in the same room as Chad. It’ s not like it‘s my fault.”

Elliot cast him a sidelong glance. Mike was fair-skinned, so the bruise looked obvious.

“Why didn‘t you just hit them?” Elliot retorted.

“There were two of them, how could I?” “Don‘t you know how to call the police?” Elliot said.

“... Why is he saying the same thing as Avery did?” Mike thought to himself.

“It‘s not that they punched me that hard... I am just pissed!” Mike continued complaining,” Chad, that
b*st*rd, he better hope he doesn’t run into me when he is alone!”

“Are you interested in Chad?” Elliot frowned. “Keep your dirty mind away from Chad!”

“What? How am I dirty–minded? Speak for yourself! You are the one cheating on three women at the
same time! I am far from dirty when compared to you!”

Mike’s voice was loud, and people began to stare at them again. Feeling as though his pride had been
dragged across the floor, Elliot gave his bodyguard a look, and the bodyguard immediately dragged Mike

The world finally quieted down. Shortly after, a few medics hurried over and led Elliot to a private room.
He carried Avery into the room and set her down on the bed, before stretching out a hand to test her

Her fever was beginning to come down.

He frowned as he saw her pitiful condition. After a while, he stepped toward the balcony and made a call.

Zoe went straight into the study room once she had returned home from the hotel. Not only did she need
to find the doctor who had treated Shea, but she also had to work on finding a cure for Shea.

Suddenly, she heard knocking on the door.

“Come in,” she said.

At home, a bodyguard and nanny tended to her needs, and apart from them, there was no one else to
bother her. The bodyguard stepped into the room and walked directly toward Zoe.

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