Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 263

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“Mr. Foster, we happened upon a piece of information suggesting that Miss Zoe is also
looking for a doctor,” said the private investigator that Elliot had found overseas. Elliot had hired him to
look for a doctor who could cure Shea. “Miss Sanford is looking for a middle aged man around 1.7
meters tall.”

Elliot scowled. “Why is she looking for this doctor?”

“She’s probably trying to get him to cure Shea,” said the private investigator.

Hope emerged in Elliot’s eyes as he said, “We are going to find that doctor before she does!”

“Okay. I’ve found something else. Before his passing, Professor Hough seemed to have taken a secret
student. The information on this student is completely confidential, and it appears that he had worked in
Professor Hough‘s lab.”

“Can this student be the doctor Zoe is looking for?”

“Yes, that‘s what I am thinking as well.”

At five in the evening, Elliot went to Angela Special Needs Academy to pick Shea up from school. He
happened to run into Avery, who was on her way to pick Hayden up, in the parking lot. The four of them
stopped and stared at one another in the parking lot.

Elliot immediately looked away and helped Shea into the car. Avery made her way to the driver‘ s seat
once she saw Hayden settling himself in the child seat.

The two cars started, turned, and arrived at the school gate at the same time. Luckily, there was enough
space at the entrance, so the two cars exited at the same time. One turned left, and the other turned

Just as the car was on the main street, Hayden said in a muffled voice, “Mom, I want to go to a different

Shea kept peeping in at him from outside the classroom door, and he had had enough. He had joined the
academy to investigate the relationship between Elliot and Shea. Now that he had solved that mystery,
he no longer wanted to go to school there.

“Which school do you want to go to? Are you willing to learn and live alongside other kids now?” Avery

Hayden remained quiet.

Angela Special Needs Academy was not a bad place, but that could be because he was the only student
in his class. He wanted to leave because he did not want to see Shea anymore.

“Let‘s wait until you finish this year, Hayden, okay?” Avery tried negotiating with him. “If you hate
kindergarten, we can try elementary school next year. How does that sound?”

Hayden thought about it and nodded.

Meanwhile, in the other car, Shea grabbed onto the seat belt. Her head was bowed. “Big Brother, can we
invite Elliot to my birthday party?”

“He won’t come.” Elliot‘s tone was gentle, but his words hurt.

“Why don‘t they like me? Is it because I‘m stupid?” Tears started to well up in Shea‘s eyes.

“No,” Elliot swallowed, before continuing in a hoarse voice, “they don‘t like you because they hate me.”

“Why don‘t they like you? You are the best.”

“Shea, I am good to you, but that doesn‘t mean that I am good to them,” said Elliot bitterly. “I will spend
your birthday with you.”

Half an hour later, the car pulled into the front yard of Elliot‘s mansion.

After dinner, Mrs. Cooper took shea to the backyard to pick some fresh fruits. Shea enjoyed nature. They
had planted plenty of flowers and fruit trees in the backyard, and every day after dinner, Mrs. Cooper
would take her there to play.

Elliot went into his study.

His father‘s memorial was coming up in a week’s time, and he had been having nightmares the past few

Every year this time rolled around, he would be plagued with nightmares. It had been like this for the past
twenty years. He shut the door to the study and strode toward the bookshelf. There was a crimson box
on the third row of the shelf. It housed his deepest secret. The reason he had kept it on his bookshelf
was because the safest place tended to be the one in plain sight.

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