Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 271

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They had not informed him ahead of time before visiting.

Elliot did not want them over, as they were all strangers to Shea, and they would startle her.

Rosalie stood at the very front and as soon as she saw Shea, her eyes gleamed, and she could not help
but approach Shea.

Elliot stood in front of Shea and said, “Mom, why did you come here without telling me first?”

“Today’s your– I bought a cake.” Rosalie lowered her gaze and mumbled, “I know I shouldn’t come here
unannounced, but I can‘t help it...”

She could not resist her urge to see Shea.

Shea heard Rosalie’s voice and was both nervous and curious at the same time. Rosalie could see her
doe like eyes peeking at her from behind Elliot.

“Shea, you aren‘t afraid of me, are you?” Rosalie looked at her with anticipation.

Shea immediately lowered her head again, her grip on Elliot‘s clothes tightening in response.

Elliot reached his hand behind and held her hand.

“Mom, go home! We‘ve already had cake at school,” he said coldly. “Take your cake with you.”

Rosalie sighed.

Though it was unfortunate, she still felt satisfied to see that her daughter was doing well.

The group soon exited the building and Elliot led Shea back into the house.

“Madame Rosalie has just got here, and she wouldn‘t let me tell you,” Mrs. Cooper said apologetically.

Elliot looked over at Zoe, who was standing by the side.

Zoe immediately explained, “I‘ve been here since six in the evening, Elliot. If you‘ve already had your
cakes, then I will take the cake away.”

Zoe had brought a cake that she had made herself.

Seeing how frightened she appeared to be, Elliot scowled.

Was he that scary?

“Dr. Sanford, is there any progress on Shea’s treatment?” Elliot asked while staring at her face.

Zoe lifted her eyes to look at him and said, “The soonest we can proceed will be spring next

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vear. She needs to recover after her first surgery, and technically speaking, the more time she has to
recover, the better it will be for her.”

Elliot nodded. “I look forward to good news.”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best.”

With that, she took the cake and left; but since she came out, she had been absorbed in her thoughts.

The way Rosalie had looked at Shea was not normal. It was Elliot‘s birthday and he was supposed to be
the main focus, but Rosalie could not seem to take her eyes off Shea.

With all sorts of thoughts in her head, she messaged Cole.

(Didn’t your grandma know Shea already? She looked so excited just now.)

Cole replied, (Dr. Sanford, I can‘t talk to you about this, or my dad is going to skin me alive.)

Zoe felt even more curious by his response, (I will skin you as well if you won’t tell me. Do you prefer
being skinned metaphorically by your dad or physically by me?)

“... What a vicious woman!” Cole thought to himself.

When he did not reply immediately, Zoe sent another message. (Let me guess, Shea is related to the
Foster family, isn‘t she? Is she Elliot‘s ex–wife? Maybe it‘s because of her disability that the Foster
Family decided to keep everything about her a secret?]

Cole read her theory with resignation and replied, (Dr. Sanford, I don‘t know what’s really going on with
Shea either, but I don‘t think it‘s like that.)

(Then what is it like?]

(She is definitely not my uncle‘s girlfriend. How could I not know if they had been married before?)

Zoe was overjoyed. As long as she knew that Shea was not Elliot‘s girlfriend, who she truly was did not

At three in the morning, in the master bedroom of the Starry River Villa, Avery’s phone started ringing.

She reached up to rub her eyes, before answering the call. Someone on the other side of the line said
something, and she sat up from the bed abruptly.

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