Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 274

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It simply filled Avery’s heart with joy to hear Wanda’s frustrated screams.

“And how are you going to do that?” she teased sarcastically. “You are either behind your brother’s
crime, or you condoned it at the very least. After all, you spent quite a lot of the money your brother stole
from us! How dare you call me?”

“You got my daughter Cassandra killed! I haven’t even made you pay for that!”

“Oh… Who else died in your family? Why don’t you just blame it all on me as well?” mocked Avery. “Do
you think that I‘m still the girl that you can bully? Wanda, you’ve lost your last chance when you failed to
kill me five years ago!”

Avery’s voice was cold and vicious. She sounded completely different from how she did five years ago.

Wanda furiously hung up. She did not intend on letting it slide and booked a ticket back to Aryadelle

The headlines for the afternoon news read: (Tate Industries to obtain an extra three hundred million
dollar boost? Mr. Worsley, the previous finance director, had been arrested this morning at the airport
after five years on the run!)

When Mike saw the news, he stormed into Avery‘s office.

“How can you not tell me about something this huge?” he said in excitement. “Our company is getting
three hundred million!”

Avery picked up the glass of water to take a sip. “You should believe everything you see on the news. Do
you think he would come back if he hadn‘t spent all the money he stole?”

“Avery, you lost three hundred million, and you are here drinking tea?”

“My dad lost three hundred million, not me.” She corrected him. “People always need to pay for the
mistakes they made, and that was the price my dad paid for marrying Wanda.”

“Let’s go celebrate tonight?” Mike proposed.

“Sure!” Avery‘s lips curled into a smile. “You organize it.”

“Okay!” Mike picked up a strand of her hair and asked shyly, “Can I invite Chad?”


The smile froze on Avery‘s face. “You two...”

Could the two of them be in a relationship?

“We made peace and are now on good terms!” Mike confessed. “I will only invite Chad, not your ex,

your ex, okay?”

“What do you mean you are on good terms?” Avery could not help but imagine what Mike could mean.
“Did you two.”

“Avery, do you prefer that Chad and I fight every time we see each other?” he interrupted her and said,
“Get your mind out of the gutter, okay?”

“Oh, invite him then!” Avery studied Mike’s flushed face and instinctively felt that things were not as
innocent as Mike claimed. Regardless, she did not intend to stop the two from developing a relationship.

Once Mike went out, Avery called Wesley and invited him to go out with them.

Wesley agreed and asked, “Are you free this afternoon? Can you make a trip to the hospital?”

“Yeah, sure,” she said.

After lunch, Avery drove to Elizabeth Hospital, and Wesley went to pick her up at the entrance, before
taking her to the ward.

“Avery, I have good news. Eric is getting better” Wesley said. “As expected of Professor Hough’s best

Avery beamed at him. “Is he awake?”

Eric Santos was the first patient she had treated since her return.

“Yeah! He regained consciousness,” Wesley said. “All the famous doctors in this country had pretty much
announced that Eric was pretty much dead back then. Who knew that you would save him?”

“He has just regained consciousness. It‘s far from a full recovery,” Avery said modestly.

“I believe in you. You will definitely help him back on his feet!”

Avery wanted to help Eric back on his feet as well. Before he had become a vegetable, he had

been one of the country‘s most famous male idols. Even after fading out of the entertainment | industry
for two years due to a certain accident, he was still within the listed top ten most

popular idols. After performing the first surgery on him, Avery had gone and watched all his shows.

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