Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 281

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The next day, Chad bore through the pain of being hungover and arrived at the office.

Elliot glanced at him and said, “How did you end up in this state?”

“Mike deliberately made me drink last night! Before I could ask him any questions, I was drunk. Although
I didn‘t get to ask him much, I realized that he has a scar on his head.”

“Is it an obvious scar?”

“Yes, he must have had a craniotomy before.” Mike had carried Chad to the hotel, and on their way
there, he had noticed a secret scar hidden under Mike‘s blond hair.

That morning when he woke up, as expected, he shared the same bed with Mike. However, this time, he
was not angry. He did not even kick or hit Mike!

On the contrary, while Mike was sleeping soundly, he pried his blond hair apart and took a picture of the
scar. It had clearly been caused by surgical sutures.

“Look” Chad showed Elliot the photo that he had secretly taken. “This huge round scar. He must have
had a craniotomy!”

“Craniotomy is not a minor surgery.” Elliot looked at the photo and said in a low voice, “Ask him the next
time what happened. Don‘t drink with him the next time, just ask him directly. Go back and rest!”

“Okay.” Although Chad‘s head hurt badly, he was still lucid. “Mr. Foster, are you investigating Mike
because you’re suspicious of Miss Tate?”

Elliot‘s eyes fluttered a little. “Don’t you think she‘s acting strange?” “Yes! I do find her strange! She
clearly loves you, but why did she divorce you?” Chad asked in confusion. “I know that she is jealous of
Shea, but can‘t she be more tolerant of atypical people? I‘m a little disappointed in her!”

Elliot was speechless

They were not talking about the same thing.

“Go back and rest. In the future, if you‘re hungover, don‘t come to work.” Elliot turned around in his
leather chair.

When Avery had divorced him, she had not known that Shea was disabled. He never once blamed
Avery. If they really had to find fault with someone, it had to be him.

Elliot received a phone call from Zoe at five in the afternoon

“Elliot, my dad is back in the country. Are you busy right now? He wants to have dinner with you tonight.”

Elliot looked at the time for a moment and replied, “Okay.”

“Right, by the way, I told you that my parents are divorced. My dad will be bringing his new girlfriend as
well. I hope you don‘t mind?” Zoe hesitated for a while before coming clean.

Elliot replied, “No, I don‘t mind.”

He did not have his eyes on Zoe, and neither was he interested in her father‘s new girlfriend.

An hour later, Elliot met Zoe‘s father and his new girlfriend. Instantly, his mind went blank. He forgot what
he should say or do.

His sharp gaze landed on the new girlfriend.

“Mr. Foster, do you recognize me?” Wanda smiled and said, “Although we used to be related, we have
never truly met! I never thought that we would meet this way.” Elliot‘s expression instantly darkened. The

atmosphere was getting awkward and colder as time went by. At that moment, Elliot‘s phone rang. He
picked the call up and strode out of the restaurant.

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