Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 372

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When he saw how cheerful she was in the photo, his heart ached at the realization that it had been so
long since she had last smiled at him. It was almost five years ago.

In the wedding dress shop, Avery had taken the wedding dress off and picked out a light purple dress to
wear to Tammy’s wedding.

“I will be thirty in a few years, and I won’t get to wear dresses like this by then,” she said. “I should buy a
few more like this one while I can still pretend to be young.”

“Avery, with your face, people would believe you even if you say you are twenty. It’s not like you will grow
old overnight when you are thirty, so relax and be young all you want!”

“That sweet tongue of yours! No wonder you have Jun wrapped around your fingers,” Avery said with a

“He is the one who benefited from me choosing him, okay?” After trying on the dresses she had ordered,
Tammy said with satisfaction, “All that’s left right now is to wait for the wedding! Oh, isn’t the kids’
birthday soon? How do you plan on spending it?”

“At home.”

“Huh?! There won’t be a party? Or are you throwing a small party at home?” Tammy had already picked
out gifts for her god-children and had been waiting for an invitation from Avery.

Avery shook her head. “I thought about it and decided not to celebrate their birthdays.”

She had decided against it out of fear of drawing Elliot’s attention. She had lied to Elliot about the
children. She had told him that Hayden was adopted, and Layla was a test-tube baby. If Elliot ever found

out that the children shared a birthday, he would surely suspect something.

“You are doing it because of Elliot, right? That guy really doesn’t know when to call the quits! “Tammy
frowned. “But can you really keep this a secret for the rest of your life? Don’t worry, I definitely won’t tell
Jun. I’m just worried that Elliot might get suspicious someday and start looking into it.”

Avery’s head hurt at the thought of anything related to Elliot. She wanted to stay away from him, but the
more she tried, the messier their relationship had become. It was almost as though fate was taunting her.

“I will keep it a secret for as long as I can! Both the kids hate him and do not want to acknowledge him as
their father.”

“I wouldn’t like him either if I was Hayden or Layla. He is extremely arrogant and self centered, so he
doesn’t even know how to respect others,” Tammy said as she held Avery’s arm and led her out of the
shop. “Let’s go eat something good! My treat!”

Avery frowned and asked, “Why isn’t Jun here with you today? Shouldn’t he be here with you today?”

“He is slowly taking over the family business. He started this year, so there is a lot to handle. If I want to
go for a honeymoon in May, then I will need to give him time to sort things out now.” Tammy sighed and
continued, “I’m not exaggerating when I say that I spend more time with you than with him lately.”

“Do you two plan on having kids? You need to start taking folic acid if you are preparing to get pregnant,”
Avery reminded Tammy.

Tammy shook her head with a troubled expression. “You know that I’m really scared of pain. I don’t dare
give birth, so we won’t try for now. Don’t tell anyone else… His parents and mine all want me to have

Avery was slightly surprised. “I thought you like kids!”

“I do! I love your kids, but liking kids and giving birth to kids are two different things.” Tammy struggled
and said, “I am waiting for technology to catch up. One day, when men can pregnant as well, I will be the
first to make Jun give birth.”

Avery burst into laughter at her words.

“Get your bodyguard to take the kids here once they are done with school. We will have dinner together.
It will be an early birthday celebration! Let us first go back to my place so that I can get the gifts,” Tammy
said. “I won’t call Jun along tonight, alright?”

Avery nodded with a smile. “Thank you, God-mother.”

“Just doing what I should do! This is one of the many reasons why I hate Elliot. Those kids are so
adorable and because of a dirtbag like him, they don’t get to have a complete family like other kids.”

The smile faded from Avery’s face.

“No offense, Avery. I’m not saying that the kids are not happy under your care. I just think that they could
have been even happier with both parents.” “None taken. You are right.”

Avery had always felt guilty and had never stopped thinking about whether it was the right decision to
stubbornly insist on giving birth to the children. If her children could choose, would they have chosen to
be born?

At six in the evening, the bodyguard brought the two children to one of the most expensive restaurants in
the city.

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Chapter 372

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