Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 457

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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence

It was Elliot who almost choked him to death, and it was also Elliot who bullied his mother; Shea had
never harmed them. Mike came back with his laptop. He greeted Shea with a smile when he saw her, “hi,

Shea felt slightly awkward as she looked at Mike.

Mike smiled gently at her. “Are you here25 alone?”

“My brother will be here later,” she said.

“Oh. How’s your wound recovering?” Does your head still hurt?” Mike studied her beautiful wig and
reached out to touch9c it.

Shea shook her head. “It doesn’t hurt as long as I don’t touch it.”

Mike leaned towards her, before parting his hair to show her the wound on his head. “See, we have
matching23 wounds.”

Shea was taken by surprise at first, but soon nodded with a smile. “Is there something wrong with your
head as well?”

“Yeah! But I’m better now, so you should work hard to recover asza well!”

“Yep! I have something important to do once I recover!”

“Oh? What’s35 that?”

Shea’s expression froze, and she immediately ran back to her bodyguards.

After Shea left, Hayden and Layla took their seats next to Mike to watch him hack into their mother’s
phone in hope of finding the reason why Avery wasn’t eating.

To their surprise, Avery arrived shortly after Mike had started.

She missed her children, and had come ahead of time. She saw the screen on Mike’s laptop and did not
suspect for a moment that he was trying to hack into her phone when she asked,” what are you doing?”

Startled, Mike came close to screaming and shut his laptop abruptly.

“Mom!” Layla hugged Avery in excitement and said, “Mom, you look so pretty!”

Avery was wearing the gown she bought the day she went shopping with Tammy. The gown was a little
loose, but it did not affect the outlook.

Tammy had hired a team of makeup artists and Avery’s makeup was done by a professional makeup

Her dark, long hair was tied up and her makeup was refreshing, which made her appear both sweet and

“You look really pretty, too, my baby! Who did your hair?” Avery lifted her daughter up, but soon
remembered that she was pregnant and set Layla down immediately.

“Uncle Mike did…”

Avery’s curiosity returned at Layla’s mention of Mike and asked, “Mike, what were you doing just now?
Who are you hacking?”

Mike batted his blue eyes and said, “nothing! I wasn’t hacking anyone. I was just…resetting the system.”

“Oh? We are here for a wedding, and you bring along a laptop to reset the system?” Avery sat down next
to him suspiciously.

“I always keep a laptop in my car! I was bored because we arrived too early. Your kids woke up at six this
morning and insisted on coming to look for you in the hotel. Can you see the dark circles under my
eyes?” Mike complained.

Avery stared into his eyes, before suddenly turning her attention to something behind Mike.

Mike followed her gaze and looked over.

‘Oh, great. Elliot is here,’ he thought.

Elliot became the center of attention the moment he showed up in the event hall. When Shea saw him,
she ran towards him to grab his hand.

Not only did Elliot not refuse her touch, he wrapped his arm around her and everyone saw how close the
two were/ Avery watched them and her expression darkened.

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