Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 568

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“I’m back. When are you free? Let’s meet up,” Avery said once the line was connected.

The other person in the line sounded surprised. “Why do we need to meet?”

“I thought you care about me. You even went to Bridgedale to ask around about me, after all,” Avery
said sarcastically, “since you care so much about me, I decided to contact you first once I’m back.

Zoe sneered. “Get over yourself. I went to Bridgedale to see my relatives. I only asked about you
because I thought you have to be really ill to not come back, when both of your kids have returned to

“And you say that you don’t care,” Avery said casually, “how would you know that my kids are back if
you don’t care about me? It’s not like my kids showed up in front of you, right?”

Zoe was rendered speechless.

“Let’s meet this afternoon, and I’ll show you how well I’ve recovered,” Avery proposed.

“I don’t care about how well you’ve recovered… But if you want to meet with me so badly, then let’s
meet!” Zoeof drawled.

“Sure. You can decide where. That way, you won’t get to say that I’m bullying you,” Avery teased.

Zoe could sense something odd in Avery’s tone and felt that had asked to meet with her with bad
intentions; but since she had asked, Zoe thought that she couldn’t hide like a68 coward.

After hanging up, she went home to change into a gorgeous outfit and put her makeup on carefully.
She had lost to Avery in terms of love and she had to admit defeat no matter how reluctant she was;

therefore, she couldn’t lose to Avery on any other aspect again.

At three in the afternoon, Zoe arrived at the restaurant where they were supposed to meet.

The restaurant was located near Wonder Technologies, and Zoe intended to tell Wanda about this after
meeting with Avery.

Avery arrived ten minutes late due to traffic.

“Avery, can you be on time next time you ask someone out?” Zoe scowled and complained.

Avery sat down across her, before casually picking up the menu and ordering a glass of fruit juice.

“Zoe, why did you go to David Grimes when Wesley was abducted?” Avery gazed up and stared coldly
at Zoe.

Her words struck Zoe like a bomb to the heart.

“No – Nothing! He came to me asking if I can treat his daughter and I said no,” Zoe explained in panic,
“nothing happened after that.”

“Are you sure that you haven’t told him anything with that big mouth of yours?” Avery took out a piece
of paper from her purse and showed it to Zoe.

“What’s with this transaction record, then? If you didn’t treat his daughter, why would he pay you? For
your ‘beauty’?”

Zoe’s heart sank. She had never imagined that Avery would be able to find this, and Avery’s
confrontation had exposed her.

“I…I was slightly drunk and might have told him something… Oh, I remember now. I told him that
Professor Hough had one last pupil and Wesley might know who that is… That’s all that I’ve told him
and nothing else,” Zoe raised her voice as her face began to flush.

“I never mention your name, Avery, don’t act like I’ve betrayed you or something.”

After that, she picked up her glass and sipped on the water guiltily.

“So you are saying that Wesley betrayed me?” Avery gritted out, “David Grimes is dead now, so there
is no point to discuss this. I came to meet with you today to demand that you return every last penny
you received from Elliot.”

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