Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 603

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"Why do you need to help him keep his card? Are you his mother? Will you automatically have a
motherly love every time you look at good-looking guys?” Elliot enunciated every word aggressively.

Avery furrowed her brows. Her mind blanked instantly. She long knew that it would be impossible to
reason with this man. To avoid her losing her temper and waking the others in the mansion, Avery got
up from the sofa and walked over to him.

“Let’s talk in the room.”

Elliot quickly got up from the sofa upon hearing what Avery said.He clutched her arm and brought her
to hiszf bedroom.

The moment the room door closed, Avery cut to the chase and said, “Elliot, I don’t want to waste my
time with you. By tomorrow, I must see Eric’s work back on the internet! You can bully me, but you can’t
bully my friends! If you think I’m threatening you, then so be it!”

“Are you threatening me with the child in you?” Elliot’s gaze fell on her belly. She smiled as if he was
mocking her.

Avery would never do a thing to hurt the child, so it was pointless to use the child to threaten him.

Avery looked at him smiling. She was secretly annoyed.

“Elliot, you’re childish! Didn’t you go on a business trip and not answer my calls? Now you’re forcing me
to come to look for you. The most pathetic person is you!” The smile on Elliot’s face vanished.

“Is this your attitude begging me?”

“I’m here to talk to you, not to beg you. Don’t think that just because you’re rich you could simply decide
how other people live! If you don’t undo the boycott on Eric by tomorrow, I’ll continue with the live

stream!” Avery said, “I don’t think you would dare to boycott me?”

Of course, Elliot would not dare to do so. If he dared to do anything to her, he would have done
something already on the live stream that night!

Elliot looked at Avery’s slightly raised chin. He swallowed his saliva. “Continue live3c streaming?”

“Yes! I have already thought about the content tomorrow!” Avery looked at the fire of anger raging in his
eyes. She added fuel to the fire, aggravating him even more.

“I’ll announce to everyone who the father of my child is! Many asked me this question today. I believe
that they must be interested in this!”

Elliot pursed his lips hard. His breathing turned heavy. If she were to announce to the entire internet
who the father of her child was, he did not mind. He only worried about her and the child’s safety.

Avery saw how her words did not manage to threaten him, she thought hard to come up with
something else.

“If you insist on boycotting Eric, I don’t need to save you anymore.” Avery took a deep breath and
decided to go all out.

“The live stream the day after before, I will announce that even though the father of my child isn’t Eric, I
want to be with him!”

Eric’s eyes suddenly turned vicious. Avery was so frightened she took a few steps back Just when she
was planning to secretly retreat to the exit and then run out of the door, she was lifted by him.

If she was not pregnant at that moment, Elliot would definitely have directly thrown her on the bed.
However, he did not completely lose it! when he placed Avery down on the bed, he clearly controlled

his strength.

“Elliot, you…”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear a single word coming from you any more tonight! If you dare defy me, I’ll
make sure that you won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow!” Elliot threatened her rudely and savagely
in a hoarse voice. He looked at her with reddened eyes.

Avery was so frightened she shut up. That night was long and torturous. He released all of the anger
and resentment in him.

After doing the deed, he touched her belly with his huge palms. It was as if then only he remembered
about the child in her tummy. When he slept soundly, she carefully picked up his phone.

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