Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 613

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In Aryadelle, Elliot could not sleep. It was not because of Avery, but because of Layla.

The program that Eric took Layla along with was an outdoor entertainment program. The entertainment
program’s main theme was to get celebrities to live together with ordinary kids, letting the celebrities
experience being a father.

They found a few non-celebrity kids, a mixture of boys and girls, but all very good-looking. Of course, in
Elliot’s eyes, none of the kids were as good-looking as Layla.

The reason Elliot could not sleep was that he was afraid that by spending time with Eric, Layla would
slowly treat Eric as her46 father!

Back then, Elliot asked the director a lot of detailed questions on set. The director told him that the
children would eat, stay, and play together with the celebrities, just like real parents bringing their
children up.

When he heard that, he was utterly disappointed.

He wanted to kill the program. No. he wanted to kill Eric! If Layla insisted on partaking in this program,
changing a different partner for Layla would not make him feel too terrible.

However, Elliot knew that Layla joined the program because of Eric. If Elliot were to boycott Eric once
more, Avery would argue with him terribly. Avery’s tummy was getting bigger by the moment. Elliot did
not dare to make her angry in case it affected the child, so he let her be.

That night, Elliot did not shut his eyes at all.

When the day came, he got up and made himself some coffee. After drinking coffee, he decided to use
work to distract himself from thinking.

Before Avery returned to the country, he could not change anything.

An hour later, Chelsea called her cousin, Nora.

“Nora, quickly go dress up. Elliot is going to visit the Dream City site today. Follow along. If he asks why
are you going, just say that you liked this project a lot.”

Nora answered the call and immediately got out of bed.

“Okay, I’ll get up now. Ouch. My head hurts. Bloody hell, I met a dirtbag in the club last night. He
insisted I was Avery. He kept harassing me. I was furious.”

Chelsea furrowed her brows.

“Who told you to go to a nightclub! This is Avonsville. Many people know Avery and Elliot. Do you still
remember what that guy looks like?”

Nora said, “No, I can barely remember, but I asked his name. He is Elliot’s nephew, Cole Foster.
Chelsea, this man has no use to me, right? He was mesmerized by me, If we could get him to do
something for us, that would be good.”

Chelsea was silent for a while. She said, “I’ll think about it. Go to Dream City today first. We’ll take it
one step at a time.”

In Bridgedale, after Avery roughly went through the medical records that she brought back, she was
feeling rather excited.

The patient’s condition, from what she could see from the medical records , was exactly the same as

Shea’s illness was a rare type of illness, so to be able to encounter the same condition, Avery found it

She looked at the patient’s basic contact once more and realized that the patient was the same age as
Shea, only of a different gender.

Avery found it interesting, so she texted Wesley, [Wesley, I met a patient in Bridgedale that has the
exact same condition as Shea. I’m hesitating whether to take on this surgery, because I can’t
guarantee that the surgery will be a success.]

Wesley soon replied to her message, [Talk to the patient’s family. If the family can accept the risk of the
surgery failing, you can take it. After all, you have the experience of Shea’s surgery. I believe that other
than you, no one else can do it better.]

Wesley’s reply boosted Avery’s confidence a lot.

She replied, [Then I’ll meet with the patient’s family tomorrow.]

The next day, under the accompaniment of the bodyguard, Avery met with the patient and the patient’s
family. When she saw the patient, it was as if she was electrocuted! She was in a daze for a long time!

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